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I have a 1975 honda XL350 that I would like to change from 6 volt to 12 volt ,can anyone offer some ideas?

Thanks Bondo

hi there!!

i picked up a 74 xl350, the "valve" cover or "rocker" cover is off the cam was out and the timing chain was layin in the bottom of the motor. im wondering how to time this thing. i cant seem to find anything online and i was hoping to get this bike together soon. i have never done one before but i know i can figure it out with the right help.. if anyone knows were i could go to get lit. on this or if someone knows please let me know. thank you very much. also the coil is cut and im wondering if i can get just a new end or if i should replace it.. thanks 


sorry bondo, i think i posted in the wrong spot.. ive never used a forum before... o geezz... i could use a lesson in