Yamaha BT 1100 Mastino Concept

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Yamaha BT1100 Mastino 1

The Yamaha BT 1100 Mastino Napoletano (Italian for Neapolitan Mastiff) is a 2002 conceptual design made with customization in mind. The motorcycle has an appearance similar to a contemporary cafe racer and values style over performance. It’s designed for the road and the side of the street, where, if someone sold this bike today, it might be ridden in normal conditions and admired by all as a timeless beauty. With large front forks and tires, small oval mufflers, flat handlebars, a chopper tailpiece, a chromed fuel tank, spoked wheels, and lightweight fenders, this beautiful piece of artillery pays homage to the Bulldog while making the Mastino Napoletano all its own.

Yamaha BT1100 Mastino 2 Yamaha BT1100 Mastino Yamaha BT1100 Mastino 3