Yamaha CP250VL

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2006 Yamaha Morphous 250 (CP250VL) in Blue
2006 Yamaha Morphous 250 (CP250VL) in Blue
2006 Yamaha Morphous 250 (CP250VL) in Blue
2006 Yamaha Morphous 250 (CP250VL) in Blue
2006 Yamaha Morphous 250 (CP250VL) in Blue
2006 Yamaha Morphous 250 (CP250VL) in Blue
2006 Yamaha Morphous 250 (CP250VL) in Blue

  • Key Features:
    • 21st century style and engineering combine to produce the most radically styled yet highly functional scooter ever.
    • 249cc DOHC four-stroke engine produces a broad powerband.
    • There’s room for a passenger to ride in comfort and plenty of cargo room under the flip-up seat and in the Morphous’ big trunk.
    • Long, low design looks completely unique and results in excellent handling.
  • Engine:
    • 249cc double-overhead-cam single produces a broad powerband from a compact, fuel-efficient package.
    • There’s pushbutton electric starting, of course.
    • Electronic fuel injection ensures excellent performance under a wide range of conditions.
    • V-belt fully automatic transmission makes the Morphous a complete twist-the-throttle-and-go proposition.
  • Chassis/Suspension:
    • Telescopic front fork soaks up the rough stuff, provides a smooth ride and great handling.
    • Coil-over shock controls the rear unit swingarm/engine, for great bump absorption and a smooth ride.
    • Hydraulic disc brakes front and rear provide excellent stopping power.
    • Unique custom-looking wheels are light and strong.
    • Fat, 13-inch radial tires provide outstanding traction and highway-speed handling.
  • Additional Features:
    • Ergonomically sculpted saddle is comfortable for long rides even with a passenger; a wrap-around grab handle makes it easy to secure people and things.
    • Locking underseat storage can hold a helmet and various other items.
    • A locking trunk that's large enough to hold a half helmet.
    • Front glove box swallows two rainsuits with ease.
    • Aerodynamic design and windshield cut cleanly through the air and provide excellent wind protection.
    • Futuristic digital instrument panel contains speedometer, tachometer, fuel gauge and other functions.
    • Completely integrated multi-reflector headlight provides excellent nighttime illumination.
    • Bright, full-width LED taillight and dual turn signals make the Morphous highly visible from behind.
    • Large, easy-to-see integrated turn signals add to the extremely swoopy look.