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  1. POLL : Choose one of them.?
  2. Super bikes witch bike is the King?
  3. 2 up riding?
  4. Dry clutch vs wet clutch, pro's and con's?
  5. What is your favorite super sport bike of 2008?
  6. The cry for a bike america can be proud of has been answered what do you think?
  7. Is the kawasaki 250 a good starting bike?
  8. Is there a mathematical way to figure out a bikes displacement?
  9. Ducati v. Hayabusa?
  10. ducati price questions?
  11. Can you rent a Ducati from Sport Bike Rental.com?
  12. Does Sportbike Rental.com only rent the 2007 Ducati 1098?
  13. what is the coast of ducati 1098?
  14. Should I buy a Ducati 1098?
  15. Which bike is best? A yamaha r1 or a ducati 1098 model?
  16. Is a 1098 Ducati street legal?
  17. Jap 1000cc bikes vs ducati 1098?
  18. yamaha R1 v/s ducati 1098......who's the best?
  19. which color for a ducati 1098 red or yellow?
  20. Which is the fastest bike? yamaha r1 or ducati 1098 or ducati 749?
  21. I am stuck between the MV Agusta F4 1078 RR or Ducati 1098 S?
  22. What do you people think of the new Ducati 1098?