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  132. When do the 2009 honda shadow spirits come out?
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  166. Does a 2002 Honda shadow Ace Motocycle have a self oiling chain?
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  169. how to fix the honda shadow spirit 2002 bike when it chokes up on throttling?
  170. How does the Honda Shadow compare to the Yamaha V-Star?
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  172. how do i know when my petrol is low on my honda vt shadow 125?
  173. I need some instructions to replace the water pump on a 1983 Honda Shadow VT500C?
  174. Are Honda Shadow Spirit and Aero parts interchangeable?
  175. Do the valves need to be adjusted every 4000k on a 07 honda shadow 600cc?
  176. Anyone know the best and cheapest place online to buy fork tubes for a Honda Shadow?
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  178. 2002 honda shadow 750cc does it have a fuel pump?
  179. Is it possible to find a smaller seat for a 2007 Honda Shadow Aero?
  180. Anyone have or know where I can get an alternator for a 1984 Honda Shadow 700c?
  181. What is the best motor oil for my 2007 Honda Shadow XLS 600?
  182. Can I use a fuel pump for a 750cc engine in my 700cc honda shadow?
  183. What is the Average Gas Milage for a 1987 honda Shadow vt1100c motorcycle?
  184. Is 29,000 miles on a 750 honda shadow spirit worn out? 2002 model?
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  186. How do you remove the seat off a 2006 Honda Shadow Spirit?
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  196. I have lost the only key to a 2001 Honda Shadow 600. How can I get another one?
  197. My Honda Shadow has sat for 8 months, what should I do before trying to start it up?
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  199. Dose the Honda Shadow VLX 600 have maintainance free hydraulic valves?
  200. Where to get info on customizing a Honda Shadow?
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  202. I have a vibration in my left footpeg (Honda Shadow) - any solutions?
  203. Oil weight for Honda Shadow Spirit VT750 motorcycle?
  204. How do I adjust fuel pump on 83'honda shadow VT750C ?
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  206. 2008 Honda Shadow Aero VS Harley Davidson 883 Sportster, wish is the better ride?
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  210. The difference between a honda shadow and a honda magna 900v?
  211. How much is a 2007 Honda shadow aero worth?
  212. What aftermarket performance parts interchange with a 07 Honda Shadow Spirit VT750C2?
  213. 07 Honda Shadow Tires- is it OK to have a different tread pattern on the back tire?