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Non-starter, Aprilia RSV1000R??

This is a discussion on Non-starter, Aprilia RSV1000R?? within the Aprilia forums, part of the Manufacturers category; I bought a 2005 Aprilia RSV1000R about 3 days ago now, i went to the garage for a ride out ...

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Default Non-starter, Aprilia RSV1000R??

I bought a 2005 Aprilia RSV1000R about 3 days ago now, i went to the garage for a ride out today, turned the ignition, all the pilot lights came on fine, the brake lights and the head lights worked but not the indicators. the battery was at a low 11V, when i tried to start it it turned over very slowly and didn't sound like it was connecting to something, i'm assuming it's the spark plug?Any experienced bikers have a diagnosis? ( i know it'll be difficult without hearing it or looking at it!)
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If it's the original battery it might be time to change it or trace down the wiring and make sure there is no burnt or broke wires.
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hi, try checking the batt cable connections, they may be loose .and if you voltage test your batt, make sure the pos and neg cables are not hooked up when you do. this will allow for a clean test of the batt . sounds like you just have a low/bad batt . put it on the charge for awhile and give it a go , maybe this is all you need. hope this helps.
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did it run 3 days ago?
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Hi mate, owned a few prillers inc a factory mille. You have to make sure the battery is fully charged at all times otherwise she just won't go!.........A duff battery will display good voltage (11 isn't bad at all) but its the amps that counts.Because the bike is a big twin and fuel injected it takes a huge whack out of the battery when starting. A duff cell in a battery is enough to display normal voltage but it will be low on proper grunt and simply won't have enough in it to prime the computer, injector pump and the starter motor.Try jump starting from a static well charged car battery ( one removed from the car!)....if she spins and fires then your battery is duff.Lots of short rides kills batteries quickly on these bikes, invest in an optimate trickle charger to ensure its kept topped up and ready for use.Oh, and buy a new battery!
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I'm now on my second Mille, and I've owned one for seven years. Like the man said, if the battery isn't fully charged they don't play, and if they don't start first or second time, walk away cos you'll only p*ss yourself off running the battery flat!They are also known for weak starter clutches, especially the earlier ones. A fully charged battery will struggle to turn the engine over when the starter clutch is on the way out. If it happens to you, ask about fitting a Yamaha replacement. They fit perfectly, and are far more reliable. ------
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aprilia, nonstarter, rsv1000r

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