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Which of these two hyper sport bikes is best for me?

This is a discussion on Which of these two hyper sport bikes is best for me? within the ZX1400 forums, part of the Kawasaki category; The Ninja ZX-14 by Kawasakior the Suzuki Hayabusa.First off they both have pretty much the same sticker price and are ...

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Default Which of these two hyper sport bikes is best for me?

The Ninja ZX-14 by Kawasakior the Suzuki Hayabusa.First off they both have pretty much the same sticker price and are sweet ass bikes. The Ninja has a Four-stroke, liquid-cooled, DOHC, four valve per cylinder, inline-four engine type and the Hayabusa has a 1340cc, 4-stroke, four-cylinder, liquid-cooled, DOHC, 16-valve, TSCC. Now i'm not sure what all of this means because i am only 16 so i'm looking for some professional advice. I'm looking to get a motorcycle license and am looking for the best so don't tell me to start with a beginners bike. I'm 6'2"and nearly 200 pounds. So if that makes any difference on which bike will be more comfortable please let me know. Just tell me which one you think is best and why because i honestly can't decide between the two they both seem like kick ass bikes in every aspect. So please help out and thank you!okay so as i was told rider compares them . where can i pick up a copy of this"rider"or do they have a website where i can subscribe? also i was wondering since i live in an apartment building would it be a safe bet to keep the motorcycle parked in a regular parking spot because i'm not quite sure how easy it is to steal someones motorcycle. i am if you've got a truck you can just lift that shit with some friends and steal it no? and what if you leave your motorcycle out in the rain is there any damage in that? will i have to keep it in my friends garage or what?Ok people stop attacking me saying"just because your big you think you can handle this bike"i never said that. Discipline i have because i've had 9 years developing nothing but discipline reflexes and physical skill at an abusive karate school tough enough so that when i broke my leg at the start of class i didnt even tell the trainer because i was afraid of what he might do to me. not very relevent but still just adding don't think i'm so immature because i'm younger than most of you. the real reason i want the hayabusa is because most claim its the best and i like to go straight to the best. i apreciate you telling me i cant handle it because surely i dont want to die but i'm not in it for the flashiness or anything liek that. I like the adrenaline. I get nervous when my friend drives slow and start to shake because i hate slow rides. yes i do realize i will most likely be arrested quite a few times during my life. ok. but i love speed i can't help it.originally i wanted the kawasaki ninja but then learned it was too small for me. then i considered the kawasaki zzr600 which i really liked until i saw the 200mph videos of the hayabusa on youtube and immediately fell in love with it. How many years experiance do you think i should have before getting myself a hayabusa and is the zzr600 a good choice for a beginner. ok ok i know what you might say i might not be able to handle it but w/e i'm willing to try and i'm a fast learner so instead of trying to talk me out of anything i'd rather have you tell me what im asking for and that is what is best for me. so how about it zzr600 by kawasaki for my first bike? will it fit my body frame? any other suggestions? keep it coming guys i really appreciate it.
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The new issue of'rider'compares them. Both have 160+ hp to the wheel !
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