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Husqvarna aftermarket parts list

This is a discussion on Husqvarna aftermarket parts list within the Husqvarna forums, part of the Manufacturers category; The following are a list of websites I found that sell after market Husqvarna parts. I hope it helps someone ...

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Default Husqvarna aftermarket parts list

The following are a list of websites I found that sell after market Husqvarna parts. I hope it helps someone here.

Air filters:

Plastic fuel tanks:
IMS"][/URL] (Large capacity)

Aluminium fuel tanks:
GMX (by: smokemetallic) (Very slim 6,7L)

CEMOTO (by: redrocket190)
UFO (by: kaospiloten) Page only shows blue/yellow but they have red/white

Taliesin Racing (by: AJSB) I don't know if its simply Centennial stuff...PM me if you know.<<<<---web site down

Carbon Performance (by: AJSB) (Cedea stuff & other)
Pro Carbon (by: AJSB) (Cedea official store)

Graphics kits:
BlackBird (by: AJSB)"][/URL]
RingMaster Images (by: huskydave831) (customized need to order each parcel)
Graphic MX (by: kaospiloten) (only for older bikes)

Seat covers:
BlackBird (by: AJSB)"][/URL] (Personalized with your_name/whatever !!!)
GUTS Racing (by: tony_dt)

Seat foams:
GUTS Racing (by: tony_dt)

Special Seats (i.e. softer,wider,etc.):
Renazco (by: coffee)

GMX (by: smokemetallic) (Std & Oversized)

Radiator silicone hose kits:
GMX (by: smokemetallic)
CV4 (by: smokemetallic)

Radiator guards:
FORCE (by: redrocket190)
FLATLAND (by: redrocket190)
CRD (by: AJSB)
ROOSTER PERFORMANCE (by: smokemetallic)

Frame guards:
CRD (by: AJSB)

Skid plates:
Hyde Racing (by: smokemetallic) Teflon/Plastic !!!
CRD (by: AJSB)
UPTITE (by: smokemetallic)"][/URL]"]"][/URL][/URL]"]"][/URL]"]"][/URL][/URL][/URL]"]"][/URL]"]"][/URL][/URL]"]"][/URL]"]"][/URL][/URL][/URL][/URL]"]"][/URL]"]"][/URL][/URL]"]"][/URL]"]"][/URL][/URL][/URL]"]"][/URL]"]"][/URL][/URL]"]"][/URL]"]"][/URL][/URL][/URL][/URL][/URL]
ROOSTER PERFORMANCE (by: smokemetallic)

Case savers:
ROOSTER PERFORMANCE (by: smokemetallic)

Mid pipe guard:
ROOSTER PERFORMANCE (by: smokemetallic)

Disk protectors:
ROOSTER PERFORMANCE (by: smokemetallic)

Triple clamps:
BRP (by: CowboyBob)

Bar mounts:
FbF (by: redrocket190)
BRP (by: CowboyBob)

Sub mounts:
BRP (by: CowboyBob)
ProTect Enduro (by: smokemetallic)

Steering dampers:
MOTORSPORTZ (by: smokemetallic) (Outdated URL? See above URL)
RTT Motorsports (by: AJSB) Integraded in triple clamp.

Handlebar switches:
K&S Technologies (by: coffee)

PROtaper (by: AJSB) Tapper bars in Henry/Reed bend (info: Michael Lueders)
Renthal (by: AJSB)"][/URL] Fatbar in RC bend (info: jr50kid) , 7/8'' in Husky bend.

Programmable ignitions:
VORTEX (by: AJSB) X10 CDI (10 selectable curves from which you can use two with handlebar switch. X10 CDI development your own curves.
JD Electronics (by: AJSB)

Chain guides:
BRP (by: CowboyBob)

Big bore Kits:
FbF (by: redrocket190) (135cc 2S)
Athena (by: AJSB) (TE310 kit)

Woessner (by: AJSB)

Slipper clutches (NOT auto-clutches) :
Suter Racing (by: AJSB)
STM (by: AJSB)
Surflex (by: AJSB)

Auto-clutches (NOT slipper clutches) :
Rekluse (by: AJSB)

Airbox cover:
TwinAir (by: aussiethumper)

Oil filters:
HiFloFiltro (by: AJSB)"][/URL]
TwinAir (by: AJSB)"][/URL]
K&N (by: AJSB)"][/URL]
ScottsPerformance (by: AJSB)

Valve shims:
HotCams (by: AJSB);enter=Go%21 (Some (?)) '04 Huskys seem to use 7.48mm shims and '05-'07 models seems to use 9.48mm shims.

Exhaust systems:
Devil (by: AJSB) (Very nice in special the carbon/Ti versions (single and double exhaust!)
Akaprovic (by: AJSB)
LeoVince (by: AJSB)
CRD (by: AJSB)
Remus (by: AJSB)"][/URL]"][/URL]:8080/php/index.php?cmd=cmdFrontendProducts&iProductBran d=4310
SPES (by: AJSB) (USELESS site for now)

Throttle tubes:
G2 Ergonomics (Linear and non-linear response)
UPTITE (by: newcastle_brown)"][/URL]"]"][/URL][/URL]"]"][/URL]"]"][/URL][/URL][/URL]"]"][/URL]"]"][/URL][/URL]"]"][/URL]"]"][/URL][/URL][/URL][/URL]"]"][/URL]"]"][/URL][/URL]"]"][/URL]"]"][/URL][/URL][/URL]"]"][/URL]"]"][/URL][/URL]"]"][/URL]"]"][/URL][/URL][/URL][/URL][/URL] (Anti-vibrations)

SS valves:

SLAVENS (mix screw) (by: smokemetallic)
BONZ (mix screw)
Stealth (mix screw+mix screw kit) (by: magus)
K&N (by: AJSB) Fuel Line "T" Fitting...great to connect carb vent hoses
K&N (by: AJSB)"][/URL]fuelfilter.htm I got the info in a site (URL info: kaospiloten) about using those flange fuel filters in the carb vent hoses and also use vent valves for fuel tanks in the carb hose vents with arrow in the out direction of the vent hose and pointing to ground. If you know which of those flange fuel filters works better with Husky, PM me.

TalonEngineering (by: AJSB)
JTsprockets (by: AJSB)
SuperSprox (by: AJSB)
Renthal (by: AJSB)"][/URL]

PivotPegz (by: Yooakim)
Fastway7 (by: Yooakim)
ROC STOMPA (by: Yooakim) Pro-Stomp model in blue (PN: RS-FPP-0302) or black (PN: RS-FPP-0301) (PN info: AJSB)

Shift levers:
IMS (by: AJSB)"][/URL]

TalonEngineering (by: AJSB)

TalonEngineering (by: AJSB)

Axle nut:

Brake rotors:
Galfer (the most beautiful !!!) (by: AJSB) BOTH WAVE FLOAT !!! DF635FLW (front 260), DF670PW (rear 240), DF885PW (rear 220)
Goldfren (by: AJSB)
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Default Husqvarna aftermarket parts list

This is a very extensive list of after market parts that you have found. What I am curious about is how long you have been into husqvarna bikes to find all those links?

I got so frustrated with the search for parts for my husky that I built a website called to help solve this problem. was created for the sole purpose of stimulating world-wide trade of Husqvarna Motorcycles and Parts.

I want to make new and used Husqvarna parts more accessible to those who are in need. Whether your looking for the newest modification or an old vintage part for you 1940's bike, I want people from around the world to be able to find it all at one site.

Check out my site and drop me an email through our Contact Us page to let me know what you think. I will love to hear your thoughts and comments!!
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There is a very extensive list of RV related that you have found.
Trailer Service

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I just started to play the game,The future Exchange
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