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WTF is wrong with people!!!!!

This is a discussion on WTF is wrong with people!!!!! within the Motorcycle Safety forums, part of the General category; happens always. F*** them :@...

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happens always. F*** them :@
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I had a Camaro following me so close, I could identify the type of bugs stuck in his radiator. He wouldn't back off, so just before I needed to get into an "island" left-turn lane, I snorked up the biggest, greeniest loogie I could and lobbed it at his windshield.

Boy, howdee! Talk about a pissed-off person. Since the left-turn lane was "green" and I was able to leave him in the straight-thru lane, I thought I was safe.

Nope. Camaro-dude got to the end of the island, then turned left across traffic and started after me.

Fortunately for me, I knew the area a bit better than him and through the process of leaving him with a chunk of sickness on his windshield, I led him between two buildings that didn't have enough room at the end of the alley to allow him to exit without pinching the crap out of his Camaro. He has screaming and laying on the horn as I went on my merry way...leaving him with the vision of me giving him the finger.

Would I do it again??? To another tail-gaiter?

ONLY if I had the knowledge of the area (as above) and I knew I could DEFINATELY leave the clay-wad behind in his own stew.

Otherwise, I'll pull over, note the plate and call in a "suspected" drunk-driver.

As for inattentive drivers? I've left a boot-heel print in the driver-door of a Cadillac a few years back when the nimrod and his car-full of brain-dead passengers ran me off the highway and into a grass was the act of desperation and since I was a tiny biker compared to the Caddy, I figured (in the few milliseconds I had to think) that the SOB was, at least, going to have to explain, to whomever, how he got the caved-in front door of his ride.

I actually was so p!55ed that I got run off the road, I called the State Police, gave them my name, address and home phone number and told the dispatcher that if someone calls in to report a biker kicked his door in on his Caddy, I did it and I would LOVE to press charges. The dispatcher said they would be more than happy to contact me if the Caddy-man should call.

Nothing ever happened.

AFAIC, kicking/damaging another vehicle that's running you off the road or is in the process of intruding on your rightful space is a reactionary response and if there's a disagreement about level of damage, I say the life is more important than a dent or twenty.
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people, wrong, wtf

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