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Bike down!

This is a discussion on Bike down! within the Rebel forums, part of the Honda category; My brother went down on his way to work Sunday morning. I need to clarify right up front... he is ...

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Default Bike down!

My brother went down on his way to work Sunday morning. I need to clarify right up front... he is a careless rider... too much temper and I'll show you attitude! Anyhow, he was on a highway in a construction barrier zone doing 60 (so he says... add another 20), the car in front of him (he was probably way too close), was tapping the brakes occasionally (hello, it's a construction zone), he was running late for work and for a second looked down at his watch (the one on his arm, under his sleeve.... brilliant), when he looked back up he saw brake lights full on.... he panicked and grabbed the front brake... locked it up, the bike slid out and he went sailing and tumbling! Fortunately no one was behind him! He dislocated his hip and his knee, had some bruises and some road rash. He was wearing full gear including helmet, they said that from the looks of the helmet had he not been wearing it he would have had severe head trama. He rides a 600 Suzuki Enduro... I went to see him and told him... either take the safety course or sell the bike... (and lose the attitude)!

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Default Bike down!

Good advice, thats gotta hurt glad it was not worse.

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Default Bike down!

Glad he wasn't hurt worse.

He sounds like my brother (temper and all). Course mine's been riding for almost 30 years so of course I can't tell him anything. But I watch and just shake my head and learn what NOT to do.
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Default Bike down!

Dislocated hip & knee are pretty substantial injuries. Glad that it wasn't worse & hope he heals up fairly well over time.

Your assessment of his riding habits sounds well-founded. There are times, when certain emotional distress is present, that the LAST thing one wants to do is to get on 2 wheels until those emotions subside. One can only hope that this'll be a learning experience for him. Many don't receive the benefit of a 2nd chance.

Wishing him well.....

Ride Safe....
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