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(1983 Honda CB1100F Supersport)
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Honda CB1100F SuperSport

Based on Honda's highly successful line of DOHC air cooled engines the CB1100F was the last and arguably most desirable of the series. Available in the United States for only one year, 1983, the CB1100F's came in two stunning colors colors Candy Pearl Kapiolani Blue and Candy Pearl Maui Red.

1983 Honda CB1100F Supersport

The Honda CB1100F Super sport is a Motorcycle offered in the USA only in 1983. This rare jewel is argued to be the best Motorcycle ever built.

In 1979 Honda produced a Double Over Head Cam (DOHC) 750cc engine that rocked the Motorcycle industry with its double cams and solid power-band the 750cc engine produced 72BHP @ 9000RPM, this engine was used in CB750F from 79-82 in the USA. In 1980 Honda released the CB900F using a race bred 901cc DOHC engine it was a step above the CB750 with its longer stroke and hotter cams squeezed out 84BHP @ 8500RPM. The only years the CB900F was offered in the USA where 1980-1982. The 750 and 900 where offered in 2 colors Black and Silver.

In 1983 Honda gave the United States a chance to own the CB1100F! This bike was leagues beyond its 2 ancestors. Using hotter cams, larger pistons, and a redesigned combustion chamber the CB1100F produced 108BHP @ 8500RPM! Honda also increased the rake and put on a cool 1/4 fairing for wind deflection. The dash featured a 150MPH speedometer and 2 piece handlebars. The wheels are new also they where cast 1 piece instead of the standard com-star or spoke design. In 1983 only 2 colors offered on the CB1100F in the USA where Red and Blue. A rare Sliver body kit was available but had to be ordered from a Honda dealer. It included both fenders and a gas tank, in a sliver/white paint scheme with a red accent stripe.

  1. Available color schemes:
  • Candy Pearl Maui Red with Pearl Shell White
  • Candy Pearl Capiolani Blue with Pearl Shell White
  1. On the red bike, the panels were white while the striping was black
  2. On the blue bike, the panels were white while the striping was red.
  3. The 4-into-2 exhaust system was black chrome.
  4. The headlight was rectangular with a fork mounted sport fairing.
  5. Engine: Race bred, 1062cc DOHC, 4-valve, inline four-cylinder
  6. Transmission: 5-speed transmission
  7. Drive: chain
  8. Rear suspension: Adjustable damping rear shocks with aluminum reservoirs
  9. Front suspension: Air-adjustable, 39mm front forks with integrated fork brace and TRAC™ anti-dive control system
  10. Oil cooler: Large capacity
  11. Brakes: Triple disc brakes with twin piston calipers
  12. Wheelbase: 1519mm (59.8 in.)
  13. Seat height: 820mm (32.3 in.)
  14. Fuel capacity: 20 liters(5.3 gal)
  15. The serial number began JH2SC110*DM000020.

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