Honda CB1100R Concept

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Honda CB1100R Pro 08

Many of us remember the golden years of Superbike roadracing when bikes made big power but didn’t have quite enough suspension, chassis or tire to match. Big bruiser four-strokes like the Suzuki GS1000, Kawasaki KZ1000 and the Honda CB900 and CB1100Fs screamed and howled their way around racetracks from Daytona to Laguna Seca.

Over in Europe, Superbikes got bigger gas tanks and bigger fairings, and went endurance racing. Honda is using its decades of endurance experience with this interesting styling exercise. Close examination shows the shocks, frame, fork, gas tank, swingarm and many other bits are different from the CB1100F’s, with an eye to high performance and low weight. It’s no CBR1000RR-killer, with old-style twin shocks and what looks like a high center of gravity, but it could be loads of fun on a twisty road.

Honda CB1100R Pro 08 1 Honda-CB1100R-01 Honda-CB1100R-02 Honda-CB1100R-04 Honda-CB1100R-05