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  • From: Tallahassee, Florida
  • Graduate of Florida State University, 1984
  • Editor for Wikipedia with over 400 authored articles and 4000+ edits.
  • Kawasaki mechanic: 1971-1973

Bikes I Owned[edit]

  1. 1970 Honda CL70 (I was 15). Cute little bike for a starter.
  2. 1971 Kawasaki F6. The rotary disc valve was modified to the specs of the famous and mysterious Kawasaki G31M Centurian. Added cylinder, head, piston, etc. from Kawasaki F7. Obviously my F6/F7 hybrid gained horsepower from the head switch and the disc valve made it even more powerful at around 22-23 HP.
  3. 1972 Kawasaki G5. I took delivery of the first Kawasaki G5 delivered to Palm Beach County, Florida at Juno Motorcycle Center, Juno Beach, Florida. The bike was stripped of everything and sold back to JMC. The automatic oil injection was taken off in favor of a gasoline and bean oil mixture. Pirelli knobby tires replaced the universal tire. The rotary disc valve was cut to give an opening with the same degree of that of the Kawasaki G31M Centurian. Estimated horsepower after modification 14-15 HP @ 8000-9000 RPM.

Bikes I worked on[edit]

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