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Ghezzi-Brian is a company founded in 1995 by Giuseppe Ghezzi and Saturno Brian, two Italian designers who wanted to create a racing motorcycle. For instance, one year after its official launch, the company won the Italian SuperTwin championship, a win which helped the company improve its image on the market and became more popular than anytime before.In 1998, the company decided to concentrate more on road bikes motorcycles so it rolled out the SuperTwin 1100. However, the most important success of the company is surely the Furia, a motorcycle which was extremely popular on the local market. Thanks to its success, the company continued the development of the bike so two new versions were released in the next years. Unfortunately for some motorcycle addicted people, the Furia Titanium and the Furia Otto have only been available in a limited edition, so only a few of them could be seen around the world.The Furia was only the beginning of an impressive motorcycle line prepared by Ghezzi-Brian because the company continued its series with Pro-Thunder, a bike equipped with a 1225cc engine. Thanks to its features, the Italian manufacturer developed the MGS-01, a motorcycle which won numerous racing competitions.What's interesting is that the company expanded its market coverage by launching new services which were previously available at very high prices and only to certain brands. For instance, Ghezzi-Brian also offers tuning services, allowing the people who own one of the company's motorcycles to personalize it with remarkable parts.The year 2007 was pretty important for the company because it improved the Guzzi models V11, 1100 Sport and Daytona with its own tuning and better performance elements, turning them into high-speed superbikes.