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Honda CB Concept 16 1

While the Type II is all about chasing those who want a modern classic with performance and handling in mind, the Concept CB will be aimed for those wanting a more traditional look.

This bike was first seen at the Tokyo show in 2016 but it has been changed subtlety since then with a different fuel tank shape, a different seat, modified silencer shape and a new LED headlight.

Honda are, as with the Type II, saying this bike is merely a concept machine but it only takes a swift look over the way this bike is finished to see that it could make production in the very near future.

Honda CB Concept 16 2 Honda CB Concept 16 4 Honda CB Concept 16 5 Honda CB Concept 16 6 Honda CB Concept 16 3 Honda CB 1100 Concept Tokyo Motorcycle Show 2015 yellow

Honda CB Concept Video