Honda RC115

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1965 Honda RC115
1965 Honda RC115 front

The 1965 Honda RC115 has a completely new engine.

Bore and stroke are now 34 x 27.4 mm, giving a total capacity of 49.75 cc. The enclosed valve angle 72 degrees for the RC114, it is now 56 degrees, with 24 degrees for the inlet valves and 32 degrees for the exhaust valves.

Drive to the camshafts is still with a gear train on the right hand side, but is now taken from the clutch drive instead of from a gear on the crankshaft, as can be seen in the first Engine picture. What also can be seen in this picture, is that the megaphones are not welded to the down pipes as usual for Hondas, but slipped over them – necessary because they're made of aluminum, to save weight.

Carburettors have the flat slides.

Power output is a healthy 15 bhp at 20,000 rpm. Lubrication is by wet sump; there are nine speeds in the gearbox. Dry weight is 50 kg – compare that with the 61 kg of the single cylinder CR110!

During the season, both high level exhausts and the normal low level exhausts are used. The high level exhausts have the advantage of a smaller frontal area, because the fairing can be kept narrower, which gives less air drag.

1965 Honda RC115 Engine in frame
1965 Honda RC115 engine

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