Kawasaki Z2

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Kawasaki Z2
Bore / Stroke 64 x 58mm
Compression ratio 9:1
Horsepower 69bhp @ 9,000 rpm
Recommended Oil K-tech 10W-40
Related Kawasaki Z1

Following the amazing worldwide acclaim of the Z1, there was a similar 750cc Z2 for 1973. This was a motorcycle primarily for the Japanese market, where there was a 750cc limit on domestic machines.

In December 1972, Kawasaki held a press conference at Tokyo Takanawa Prince Hotel and invited guests from 17 companies in the motorcycle industry, and reporters from magazines and newspapers. At the conference, a new model, the Z2, was introduced as a brother model for the Japanese market.Production of Kawasaki's 750RS Z2 started in January 1973. It was a 746cc machine with newly designed pistons and crankshaft parts to express the same feeling as the Z1. The maximum Z2 horse power was 69ps at 9,000rpm with a maximum speed of 190km/h.

Sale of the Z2 started in March 1973 and were 10% higher than our competitors' 750cc class motorcycles. The 900cc class body size and the DOHC engine attracted Japanese riders all at once because motorcycle equipped with a DOHC engine had not existed in Japan prior to the Z2. During the first two years of production, Kawasaki built 80,000 Z1 and Z2 motorcycles, and the sales of these models established Kawasaki's reputation as a heavy weight motorcycle manufacturer