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The company Modenas was fouded in 1930 in Gurun, Kedah, Malaysia. The Modenas is a Malaysian national motorcycle company can produces various small motorcycle below 200 cc for local market and export. Currently Modenas is exporting its products to 17 countries worldwide with Greece, Russia and South America being the largest importer. MODENAS spearheads the technology transfer and development of motorcycle manufacturing, to eventually enable the country to proudly produce indigenous motorcycles. Although the vision will not be realised within a short time span, it is a strongly-held conviction that Malaysia will one day become one of the formidable manufacturers of motorcycles for worldwide distribution. Kawasaki Heavy Industries (KHI) is the technology partner of MODENAS. Equity is shared by DRB-HICOM BERHAD (81%) and KAWASAKI HEAVY INDUSTRIES (19%) .