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NSU 301T (1929).JPG
NSU 301T
Also called 301TS
Production 1929 - 1933
single cylinder, four-stroke
Bore / Stroke 66.0mm x 88.0mm
Top Speed 53 mph (85 km/h)
Horsepower 6.84 HP (5.1 KW) @ 4000RPM
Fuel System carburetor. amac md 30
Ignition magneto bosch
Transmission Gear box: 3-speed
Final Drive: chain
Frame Steel, double pipe
Brakes Front: expanding brake (drum brake)
Rear: expanding brake (drum brake)
Front Tire 3-25
Rear Tire 3-25
Wheelbase 52.36 inches (1330 mm)
Length 78.35 inches (1990 mm)
Width 32.68 inches (830 mm)
Height 36.22 inches (920 mm)
Seat Height 27.17 inches (690 mm)
Weight 286.6 pounds (130.0 Kg) (dry),
Fuel Capacity 2.64 Gallon (10.00 Liters)
Fuel Consumption 3.50 liters/100 km (28.6 km/l or 67.21 mpg)
Manuals Service Manual

The NSU 301TS was a single cylinder, four-stroke standard produced by NSU between 1929 and 1933. It could reach a top speed of 53 mph (85 km/h). Claimed horsepower was 6.84 HP (5.1 KW) @ 4000 RPM.

Engine[edit | edit source]

The engine was a air cooled single cylinder, four-stroke. A 66.0mm bore x 88.0mm stroke result in a displacement of just 298.0 cubic centimeters.

Drive[edit | edit source]

The bike has a 3-speed transmission.

Chassis[edit | edit source]

It came with a 3-25 front tire and a 3-25 rear tire. Stopping was achieved via expanding brake (drum brake) in the front and a expanding brake (drum brake) in the rear. The 301TS was fitted with a 2.64 Gallon (10.00 Liters) fuel tank. The bike weighed just 286.6 pounds (130.0 Kg). The wheelbase was 52.36 inches (1330 mm) long.

Photos[edit | edit source]

Overview[edit | edit source]

The NSU 301 T motorcycle was produced from 1929 to 1930. It was the first version to be produced as a touring model, with flat tank and side-controlled valves. The engine originally had encapsulated valves, variable supplementary lubrication, a compression spring saddle, footrests instead of running boards, wired-on tires and a flat aluminum exhaust silencer. The model had a 3-speed manual gearbox and a gear-driven oil pump.

In late 20s NSU offered several „T” (Tourist) models, single-cylinder four-stroke machines with fuel tanks placed under the frame. They were: 201T (199 cc, 4,5 HP, top speed: 65 kph, 12900 units built in 1929-1930), 251T (249 cc, 6 HP, top speed: 75 kph, 400 units built in 1928-1929), and 301T, 9300 units of 301T were built in 1929-1930. The 501T joined the family in 1929, too.

Make Model NSU 301 T
Year 1929 - 30
Engine Type Single cylinder, 4 stroke
Displacement 298 cc / 18.2 cub in
Cooling System Air/Oil cooled
Lubrication Gear driven oil pump
Ignition Magneto
Max Power 5.1 kW / 7 hp @ 4000 rpm
Transmission 3 Speed
Final Drive Chain in oil bath
Font Suspension Spring loaded fork
Frame Steel, double pipe
Rear Brake Internal shoe
Top Speed 85 km/h / 52.8 mph
Colours Black
Source audi.com