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Norton-Villiers was a British motorcycle manufacturer formed in the 1960s following the collapse of Associated Motorcycles. With the general decline of the British motorcycle industry it was combined with the remnants of BSA to form Norton-Villiers-Triumph.

In 1966 Associated Motorcycles AMC went bankrupt and were taken over by Manganese Bronze Holdings who formed Norton-Villiers to oversee operations. At the time Norton was the only motorcycle marque in the company that was making money. The AJS and Matchless traditional single cylinder four stroke models were finished. Matchless and AJS badged models, with Norton engines, were assembled till 1969. In 1968 all models had new carburettors, ignition systems and an ignition lock. The Norton G15CS /N15CS/M33CS had improved cycle parts for 1968-69.

The P11 series was a completely new development for 1967 and was further developed for 1968-69. The P11 was available either as Norton or Matchless.