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Ducati Panigale 1299S

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Control (DWC) and the Engine Brake Control (EBC) have been
optimized by an automatic calibration system which allows for
easy changes in tyre tire size and final drive ratio.
Every single detail of the Panigale is a tribute to the
o DWC, EBC, DQS up/down
o Auxiliary buttons to adjust DTC, DWC, EBC
o Automatic calibration system of the tyre tire size and final drive
o Semi active Ohlins Smart EC suspension and steering damper
extreme conditions and when entering a turn, during races for
the MotoGP and Superbike world championships by balancing the
force acting on the back tyre tire in situations of intense engine
braking. The EBC monitors the position of the throttle valve,
the selected gear and the
regulates, with great precision, the opening of the throttle
activated by the Ride-by-Wire system to adjust the back-torque
applied to the tyretire. The EBC has three setting levels accessible
from the instrument panel of the 1299 Panigale and integrated
automatically into the three Riding Modes in order to assist the
Designed to maintain precision both on the straights and when
cornering, the 200/55 x ZR17 rear tyre tire significantly enhances
the contact patch and turn-in speed, adding a higher profile to
the width of 200 mm. Pirelli and Ducati technicians have worked
The structure and compound used for the tyres is derived
directly form Pirelli's experience in the World Superbike
Championship. The tyre tire carcasses have been designed in order to
guarantee rigidity during extreme braking and the outer sections
have been designed to maximize the area of contact; furthermore
the double compound of the tyre tire treads contains polymers which
facilitate rapid warming and consistent grip.

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