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[[Image:1985-BMW-R80-RT-Black-3410-0.jpg|left|thumb|1985 BMW R80 RT in Black]]
[[Image:1985-BMW-R80-RT-Black-3410-1.jpg|left|thumb|1985 BMW R80 RT in Black]]
[[Image:1985-BMW-R80-RT-Black-3410-2.jpg|left|thumb|1985 BMW R80 RT in Black]]
[[Image:1985-BMW-R80-RT-Black-3410-3.jpg|left|thumb|1985 BMW R80 RT in Black]]
[[Image:1985-BMW-R80RT-Silver-1123-0.jpg|left|thumb|1985 BMW R80RT in Silver]]
[[Image:1985-BMW-R80RT-Silver-1123-1.jpg|left|thumb|1985 BMW R80RT in Silver]]
[[Image:1985-BMW-R80RT-Silver-1123-2.jpg|left|thumb|1985 BMW R80RT in Silver]]
[[Image:1985-BMW-R80RT-Silver-1123-3.jpg|left|thumb|1985 BMW R80RT in Silver]]
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*Spark Plug: NGK [[NGK BP6ES|BP6ES]]
[[Image:1987-BMW-R80-RT-Red-5560-0.jpg|left|thumb|1987 BMW R80-RT in Red]]
[[Image:1987-BMW-R80-RT-Red-5560-1.jpg|left|thumb|1987 BMW R80-RT in Red]]
[[Image:1987-BMW-R80-RT-Red-5560-2.jpg|left|thumb|1987 BMW R80-RT in Red]]
[[Image:1987-BMW-R80-RT-Red-5560-3.jpg|left|thumb|1987 BMW R80-RT in Red]]
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[[Category:BMW motorcycles|R80-RT]]
[[Category:BMW R series]]
|torque = 41.97 ft/lbs (56.9 Nm) @ 4000RPM
|ignition =
|spark_plug ={{sparkplug|NGK BP6ES}}`82-87 <ref name="wps_street_2019">{{cite book|title=2019 Western Power Sports Catalog|publisher=[ Western Power Sports]|date=2019}}</ref> |battery = {{battery|YUASA Y60-N24ALYIX30L-BBS}}`82-87 <ref name="wps_street_2019"/>
|transmission = Gear box: 5-speed <br>
Final Drive: [[shaft]] drive (cardan) <br>
|competition =
The '''[[BMW]] R80RT''' was a two cylinder boxer, [[four-stroke]] Touring [[motorcycle]] produced by [[BMW]] between 1981 and 1994. It could reach a top speed of 101 mph (163 km/h). Max [[torque]] was 41.97 ft/lbs (56.9 Nm) @ 4000 RPM. Claimed [[horsepower]] was 48.95 HP (36.5 KW) @ 6500 RPM.
It came with a 90/90-18 front [[tire]] and a 120/90-18 rear tire. Stopping was achieved via single disc in the front and a expanding [[brake]] in the rear. The front suspension was a telescopic hydraulic fork while the rear was equipped with a dual adjustable shocks. The R80RT was fitted with a 5.81 Gallon (22.00 Liters) fuel tank. The bike weighed just 456.36 pounds (207.0 Kg). The wheelbase was 57.72 inches (1466 mm) long.
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File:1985-BMW-R80-RT-Black-3410-0.jpg|left|thumb|1985 BMW R80 RT in Black
File:1985-BMW-R80-RT-Black-3410-1.jpg|left|thumb|1985 BMW R80 RT in Black
File:1985-BMW-R80-RT-Black-3410-2.jpg|left|thumb|1985 BMW R80 RT in Black
File:1985-BMW-R80-RT-Black-3410-3.jpg|left|thumb|1985 BMW R80 RT in Black
File:1985-BMW-R80RT-Silver-1123-0.jpg|left|thumb|1985 BMW R80RT in Silver
File:1985-BMW-R80RT-Silver-1123-1.jpg|left|thumb|1985 BMW R80RT in Silver
File:1985-BMW-R80RT-Silver-1123-2.jpg|left|thumb|1985 BMW R80RT in Silver
File:1985-BMW-R80RT-Silver-1123-3.jpg|left|thumb|1985 BMW R80RT in Silver
*Spark Plug: NGK [[NGK BP6ES|BP6ES]]
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File:1987-BMW-R80-RT-Red-5560-0.jpg|left|thumb|1987 BMW R80-RT in Red
File:1987-BMW-R80-RT-Red-5560-1.jpg|left|thumb|1987 BMW R80-RT in Red
File:1987-BMW-R80-RT-Red-5560-2.jpg|left|thumb|1987 BMW R80-RT in Red
File:1987-BMW-R80-RT-Red-5560-3.jpg|left|thumb|1987 BMW R80-RT in Red
[[Category:BMW motorcycles|R80-RT]]
[[Category:BMW R series]]
==1981 BMW R 80 RT==
* [ Lovejoy]
* [ Taxi 2]
== References ==
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