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Kawasaki KZ400

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 The '''Kawasaki KZ400''' is 398cc twin cylinder UJM [[Universal Japanese Motorcycle]]. This term is blurred today with the various models Japan builds. Few of which look like the UJM of the 1970s and 1980s. Kawasaki produced the KZ400 from 1974-1984. Some of the later models were 440cc. They were built at plants in Akasi, Japan and [[Lincoln, Nebraska]]. The Lincoln plant (1974) made Kawasaki the first the first foreign vehicle manufacturer to operate a plant in the [[United States]]. KZ400s outsold [[Honda]] in the 400cc twins market through the 1970s. These [[motorcycle]] were marketed as fuel efficient transportation. Ads would feature the KZ400 next to a [[Volkswagen Beetle]] and the tagline "think smaller."
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