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Honda GL1500

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[[Image<gallery mode='packed-hover'>File:1988_honda_Gl1500.jpg|left|thumb|1988 Honda GL1500]][[ImageFile:1988-Honda-GL1500-Blue-8985-0.jpg|left|thumb|1988 Honda GL1500 in Blue]][[ImageFile:1988-Honda-GL1500-Blue-8985-1.jpg|left|thumb|1988 Honda GL1500 in Blue]][[ImageFile:1988-Honda-GL1500-Blue-8985-2.jpg|left|thumb|1988 Honda GL1500 in Blue]]<br style="clear: left"/gallery>
GL1500'88 - 1988 was one of the most significant years for Honda with the introduction of a six- cylinder powerplant. In many ways it was the natural evolution of the Gold Wing; however the progression to this model made it significantly different. While all the previous Wings had been made in the United States, some, this year, were made in Japan at the Hamamatsu factory. It was available in three two-toned colors: Dynastic Blue Metallic with Pewter Gray Metallic, Phantom Gray Metallic with Checker Black Metallic, and Martini Beige Metallic with Haze Brown Metallic. It featured front disc brake covers in gray plastic, dual headlights, computer-monitored dual downdraft carburetors, and a slow-speed reverse gear system. The engine was a 1520cc SOHC liquid-cooled opposed 6 cylinder. The transmission was a 5-speed with shaft drive. The frame serial number (i.e., VIN) for Japanese made Wings for California began: JH2SC2217JM000001 and for the rest of the U.S. began: JH2SC2208JM000001. The frame serial number (i.e., VIN) for American made Wings for California began: 1HFSC2217JA000001 and for the rest of the U.S. began: 1HFSC2208JA000001. The engine numbers whether made for California or the rest of the U.S. (all made in Japan) began: SC22E- 2000101.

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