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Honda CD70

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Introduced in 1970 to compete against rival [[two Two-stroke]] small capacity [[motorcycles]], Honda 70 was one of the first [[4 stroke]] small capacity [[motorcycle]] of its time with an engine displacement of only 72 [[Cubic centimetre|cm³]]. This [[motorcycle]] was in fact a '''"Honda CD 70"''' but the models introduced from 1970 to 1983 were released and known as '''“Honda 70”''' as the logo '''“Honda 70”''' appeared on the side covers of the bike.
In Pakistan it earned the nick name “Rocket” for its ability to climb very steep roads with considerable loads despite its very small [[engine]] [[capacity]] (only 72[[Cubic centimetre|cm³]]) where rival [[two Two-stroke]] usually failed. This [[motorcycle]] came fitted with a triangular [[speedometer]] with gear range markings and a maximum calibration of 60 [[mph]] (96 [[km/h]]). An interesting feature of this [[motorcycle]] was its ability to reach speeds of 60 [[mph]] (96 [[km/h]]), providing the rider psychological thrill of watching the needle pointing at maximum [[calibration]] on the [[speedometer]] even though the claimed top speed was 53 [[mph]] (85 [[km/h]]). The [[engine]] was constantly upgraded and modified, in 1984 it was released as Honda CD70.
;'''Displacement:''' 72 [[Cubic centimetre|cm³]]
;'''Engine:''' [[4 Four-stroke]] Air cooled single [[cylinder]], [[SOHC|Single Over Head Cam]]
;''' Ignition:''' Breaker points

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