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Honda C65

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==C65==[[Image:1967_honda_C65.jpg|leftright|thumb|200px|1967 Honda C65]]<br style="clear: left"/>* Sold in Canada* Engine: 63cc OHC single cylinder
The '''Honda C65''' was a [[Four stroke|4-stroke]] 63[[cc]] [[OHC]] [[step-through]] [[street motorcycle]] built by [[Honda]]. It was introduced in late 1964 and was the first Honda Cub to feature an OHC engine. The C65 used the frame of the existing [[Honda C100|C100 Cub]]. (49cc OHV) In 1967 it gained the enclosed front forks, the same as the then-new OHC models [[Honda C50|C50]] and [[Honda C90|C90]]. In 1971 it was replaced by the [[Honda C70|Honda 70]], which was identical but with a bigger bore to give a capacity of 72cc.
The C65 was sold in Japan and eastern markets, and also Canada from 1967, but never in the UK or USA.
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