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[[Image:2005-BMW-R1200RT-Red-7885-0.jpg|left|thumb|2005 BMW R1200RT in Red]]
[[Image:2005-BMW-R1200RT-Red-7885-1.jpg|left|thumb|2005 BMW R1200RT in Red]]
[[Image:2005-BMW-R1200RT-Gray-9274-0.jpg|left|thumb|2005 BMW R1200RT in Gray]]
[[Image:2005-BMW-R1200RT-Gray-9274-1.jpg|left|thumb|2005 BMW R1200RT in Gray]]
[[Image:2005-BMW-R1200RT-Gray-9274-2.jpg|left|thumb|2005 BMW R1200RT in Gray]]
[[Image:2005-BMW-R1200RT-Gray-9274-3.jpg|left|thumb|2005 BMW R1200RT in Gray]]
[[Image:2005-BMW-R1200RT-Gray-9274-4.jpg|left|thumb|2005 BMW R1200RT in Gray]]
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|name = '''BMW R1200RT'''
It came with a 120/70-zr17 front [[tire]] and a 180/55-zr17 rear tire. Stopping was achieved via double disc. abs in the front and a single disc. abs in the rear. The front suspension was a bmw motorrad telelever while the rear was equipped with a bmw motorrad evo paralever. The R1200RT was fitted with a 6.6 Gallon (25.00 Liters) fuel tank. The bike weighed just 514.12 pounds (233.2 Kg). The wheelbase was 58.46 inches (1485 mm) long.
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File:2005-BMW-R1200RT-Red-7885-0.jpg|left|thumb|2005 BMW R1200RT in Red
File:2005-BMW-R1200RT-Red-7885-1.jpg|left|thumb|2005 BMW R1200RT in Red
File:2005-BMW-R1200RT-Gray-9274-0.jpg|left|thumb|2005 BMW R1200RT in Gray
File:2005-BMW-R1200RT-Gray-9274-1.jpg|left|thumb|2005 BMW R1200RT in Gray
File:2005-BMW-R1200RT-Gray-9274-2.jpg|left|thumb|2005 BMW R1200RT in Gray
File:2005-BMW-R1200RT-Gray-9274-3.jpg|left|thumb|2005 BMW R1200RT in Gray
File:2005-BMW-R1200RT-Gray-9274-4.jpg|left|thumb|2005 BMW R1200RT in Gray
==2006 BMW R 1200 RT==
* [ Superstar]
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