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Request for information and help on '82 Honda CB450SC carburetion problem[edit source]

I was informed by a motocycle mechanic who worked upon 1980 Hondas in about 2000 that my "very lean" carburetion problem with my '82 CB450SC was so common that Honda had come out with a specific fix which was called a "Driveability Kit" to fix the carburetors. I have been unable to find any additional info on what it was main jets or other parts since it had long been out of stock. If anyone can help me to know what I will be searching for in parts to correct my bike I would deeply appreciate it. who knows someone may even know of one or more still on the shelf of left over inventory. Thank you in advance for any help.

Ben Kohn, San Antonio -

I personally don't know about this, ATM I don't have my hands on a HONDA QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE which might give this info in it. I'm going to leave this message up here in the hopes that someone else might be able to answer it though.--Budlight 20:01, 17 January 2007 (EST)