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I purchased a great (looking) 1973 CL 450 ( last August and as a new rider, I've been quite disappointed with the experience. the bike was good the first week but then I started getting random gas leaks from the carbs. I bought a carb kit and had a neighbor kid play with it to no avail (kit= $60, kid labor= 50 bucks). then took it to a bike shop and they rebuilt the carbs ($200 for rebuild, $60 for bike tow, $50 for second battery). when I picked it up, they said one of the cylinders isn't getting spark and i would need to have the engine rebuilt (for lack of compression) which would cost more than what i paid for the bike ($1500). "the left carb isn't getting any spark and stays cold when the engine is running, which is filling the carb with gas and causing the leaks". when I rode the bike from the shop, I noticed a new problem; the bike was hesitant at take off, which is dandgerous for me at a green light which I had to experience the whole ride home. I was getting ready to take the bike to a second shop this past weekend, but a family friend stopped by to look at it and he seems 95% sure that my problem is not with the engine at all, but the coil on the left side of the bike. he said that with the engine running, the miss that I was hearing is because the left cylinder isn't getting any spark and if I replaced the coil, that would fix my issue. hence my issue. At, they don't even have my bike listed (by year). last year I bought a headlight unit that was from a 1973 CL350 (not CL450 like mine) that actually fit my bike. in the bikebandit catalog, that part (coil assym/ignition) is greyed out on their parts list, so I couldn't buy it anyway. long story short (end), I wanted to know if you can tell me where I can get parts for the 1973 CL 450 that I have. thanks.