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Yamaha SC500

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Yamaha SC500
Manufacturer Yamaha
Production 73-74
Engine 500
Sparkplug B8EV '73-74
Front Tire 3.00-21 '73-74
Rear Tire 4.60-18 '73-74
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The Yamaha SC500 is a motorcycle produced by Yamaha from 1973 to 1974.

The Yamaha SC500 was a dirt bike more commonly known as the Yamaha Scrambler 500.


This 1973-'74 two-stroke single ran hot, detonated fiercely, stalled constantly and seized regularly. After testing the bike, I noted: "It's gray and black; so is a turkey." Brutally fast, the SC-500 was cursed with state-of-the-dark forks and a pair of chromed shocks that would have faded on a busy barroom door. It shook its steering head like a dog coming out of a swimming pool and the rear end hopped around like the frame had a hinge in the middle. All things considered, the only thing this bike did right was not leak around the gas cap.


1974 Yamaha SC500 in Yellow
1974 Yamaha SC500 in Yellow
1974 Yamaha SC500 in Yellow
1974 Yamaha SC500 in Yellow
1974 Yamaha SC500 in Silver
1974 Yamaha SC500 in Silver

  • Which one is original?

The 1974 SC500 was all yellow including front number plate. In 1973 the SC500 was all silver (Not sure about front number plate because local Yamaha shop convereted about 25 1973 SC's to street legal enduros with light and horn) The 1973 I have also has points ignition where the 1974 Ihave has CDI

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