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Suzuki RM85
Also called RM 85 L, RM85L, RM 85
Production 2002 - 2019
Class Motocross
Predecessor Suzuki RM80
85cc single cylinder, two-stroke
Bore / Stroke 48.0mm x 46.8mm
Compression ratio 10.9:1
Top Speed 63 mph
Fuel System carburetor. keihin pe28
Ignition electric cdi
Spark Plug NGK BR10ES '02-08
Transmission Gear box: 6-speed

Final Drive: chain

Clutch: wet multi-plate
Final Drive Chain: 428x118 ‘02-12[1]
Front Sprocket 14T ‘02-12[1]
Rear Sprocket 47T ‘02-12[1]
Suspension Front: telescopic fork
Rear: link type, coil spring, oil damped, adjustable spring preload
Brakes Front: single disc
Rear: single disc
Front Tire 70/100-17
Rear Tire 90/100-14
Wheelbase 48.82 inches (1240 mm)
Length 71.06 inches (1805 mm)
Width 28.94 inches (735 mm)
Height 43.31 inches (1100 mm)
Seat Height 33.46 inches (850 mm)
Weight 152.12 pounds (69.0 Kg) (dry), 73.0 kg (wet)
Recommended Oil Suzuki ECSTAR 10w40
Fuel Capacity 1.32 Gallon (5.00 Liters)
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Competition Honda CR85
Kawasaki KX85
Yamaha YZ85
Manuals File:Suzuki RM85 K7 Owners Service Manual.pdf
More Manuals

The Suzuki RM85 was a single cylinder, two-stroke Trial motorcycle produced by Suzuki between 2002 and 2019.

History[edit | edit source]

The Suzuki RM85 is Suzuki's mid size Two stroke motorcross dirtbike. It competes with the likes of the Honda CR85, Kawasaki KX85, and Yamaha YZ85. It is a 5cc increase up from the former Suzuki RM80

Engine[edit | edit source]

The engine was a liquid cooled single cylinder, two-stroke. A 48.0mm bore x 46.8mm stroke result in a displacement of just 84.7 cubic centimeters.

Drive[edit | edit source]

The bike has a 6-speed transmission. Power was moderated via the wet multi-plate.

Chassis[edit | edit source]

It came with a 70/100-17 front tire and a 90/100-14 rear tire. Stopping was achieved via single disc in the front and a single disc in the rear. The front suspension was a telescopi fork while the rear was equipped with a link type, coil spring, oil damped, adjustable spring preload. The RM85 was fitted with a 1.32 Gallon (5.00 Liters) fuel tank. The bike weighed just 152.12 pounds (69.0 Kg). The wheelbase was 48.82 inches (1240 mm) long.

2002 Suzuki RM85[edit | edit source]

Born in 2002, the RM85 was created for the smaller motocross enthusiasts. This machine replaced the RM80, both sharing the disc brakes, the liquid-cooled single cylinder two-stroke engine, and the rigid aluminum cradle frame.

2003 Suzuki RM85[edit | edit source]

2004 Suzuki RM85[edit | edit source]

The 2004 MY Suzuki RM85 is a great entry point 2-stroke motocross machine which offers a high-performance platform in a non-intimidating trim, allowing young riders to hone in their skills prior to hopping on the big bikes.

The bike received a lot of minor tweaks for better ergonomics and reliability, while the suspensions offer racing-type performance with countless setup possibilities. The smaller rims offer better balance and a more reassuring feel to shorter riders, as well.

2004 Suzuki RM85L[edit | edit source]

2004 Suzuki RM85L

The 2004 MY RM85 is a neat bike for young riders, but in case your kid is taller than the rest, this bike could be less than satisfactory. Still, this doesn't mean you have to change the bike, as Suzuki's L version of the RM85 is already here. The RM85L is equipped with bigger wheels which offer better ergonomics to taller riders, as well as a longer suspension travel.

The engine remains the same punchy 85cc 2-stroke mill mated to a 6-speed manual transmission and offering the same premium MX racing experience as the big bikes, only at a smaller scale. Great as a beginner's race bike, the RM85L is also a wonderful choice for weekend fun in the wild.

2006 Suzuki RM85[edit | edit source]

The 2006 RM85 carries on the racing heritage of its predecessors and is a tremendously fun and dependable platform for the young off-road racers. Built with a ton of works-derived technologies and parts, the RM85 is engineered for hard riding and withstanding the rigors and abuse race track life comes with. Every piece of the bike is more durable than you'd normally expect from a "civil" bike, and the multiple setup possibilities offer extended versatility for a wide range of riders.

This 2-stroke machine packs more punch than meets the eye and is fitted with a 6-speed transmission for the optimal power deployment, while the exhaust system integrates the latest technology borrowed from the bigger bikes.

2006 Suzuki RM85L[edit | edit source]

If your kid is growing taller but is still not ready to take the next step up the displacement ladder, you need not worry. Suzuki still manufactures an L version of the RM85, loaded with bigger wheels and sporting longer suspension travel, a taller seat and of course better ground clearance.

The engine remains the revered 85cc 2-stroke mill, with plenty of punch and grit for aggressive off-road riding. Taller riders will enjoy better ergonomics, while remaining within the power specs of the 85cc class and being able to hone is their skills even better before jumping on the 125ers, the first real-deal dirt racing monsters.

2007 Suzuki RM85[edit | edit source]

By far a bike of choice for the young riders in the mini-class, the Suzuki RM85 delivers solid sport performance in a diminutive package that is both exhilarating to ride and non-intimidating. In fact the RM85 is a great educational platform which will help youngsters hone their skills prior to jumping to bigger machines.

The RM85 packs plenty of punch in its liquid-cooled 2-stroke 85cc single, while a 6-speed transmission provides full control over power and torque delivery for every scenario.

2007 Suzuki RM85L[edit | edit source]

2007 Suzuki RM85L

The 2007 MY RM85L is Suzuki's solution for riders who outgrow their small-displacement bikes, but do so only in terms of dimensions. The L suffix introduces larger wheels for a completely changed stance, better ground clearance and more compliance with taller riders. On the tech side, this is about all that's changed form the base version of the RM85, but it looks like enough.

This way, taller kids will not be forced to take the step to larger-displacement bikes, and will be able to keep within the limits of this class.

2008 Suzuki RM85[edit | edit source]

2008 Suzuki RM85

Loaded with technology derived straight from Suzuki's championship-winning motocross machinery, the 20008 MY RM85 is a glorious entry-point bike for young riders. Lightweight and sporting excellent handling thanks to its compact design, the RM85 is a very neat educational platform which is also teaching kids to win.

The RM85 retains the proven 6-speed manual transmission for exceptionally-accurate power deployment according to the riding scenario, while the Showa suspensions introduce race-grade adjustability for a positive feel and premium damping. If you want to see your kid grow into a champion, this two-stroke machine is one of the things you both need.

2008 Suzuki RM85L[edit | edit source]

2008 Suzuki RM85L

Some kids are just growing up faster than others and Suzuki knows this very well. This is why a bike like the RM85L is also part of the entry-point motocross line-up, to provide a solution for the eternal outgrowing problem. Suzuki simply loaded larger wheels on this 2-stroker, increasing the ground clearance and adding to the ease of tackling obstacles.

The engine remains unchanged, so your kids will be able to ride in the same class, regardless of their height. Packing the same technologies derived form the big competition bikes, the RM85L will give your kids the first glimpse of what winning is like.

2009 Suzuki RM85[edit | edit source]

2009 Suzuki RM85

The 2009 MY RM85 is the entry-point competition-ready bike destined for the young riders. Equipped with a high-revving 2-stroke single, the RM85 is capable of delivering quite a punch. And with a smooth-predictable 6-speed transmission, your kids will be flying over the ramps in no time.

Rigid, sporty and tough as nails, the frame of the RM85 was designed to get the kids used to the racing feel and stimulate their appetite for aggressive riding. If your kinds start riding the RM85, don;t be surprised to hear them asking for a larger, more powerful bike in one year or two.

2010 Suzuki RM85[edit | edit source]

A sweet ride for the youngest off-road racers, the 2010 MY RM85 introduces a new livery which is once more inspired from the looks of top-class big-bore competition machines. On the tech side, this liquid-cooled 2-stroke singe packs enough punch for being thrilling and comes with a manual 6-speed transmission which provides the right power-to-wheel deployment for any scenario. Multiple parts are derived from the bigger bikes and offer enhanced performance despite the diminutive displacement of the machine.

2012 Suzuki RM85L[edit | edit source]

The 2012 MY RM85L is almost the same bike as the one without the L suffix. That is, it has the same engine, transmission and top-spec suspensions, but the wheels are a tad larger. The bike still meets the demands of any beginning motocross racer, and makes things even better thanks to the bigger wheels. The larger front rim diameter helps riders tackle obstacles more easily, granting faster passage over tough sections of the track.

On the tech side the RM85 and RM85L are identical, the same punchy 2-stroke miniature monsters which help kids turn into champs.

2012 Suzuki RM85[edit | edit source]

A bike for the youngest racers, the 2012 MY RM85 introduces top-shelf performance to have the kids used to the fight for the 1st place and provide them with the right machine for the podium. The RM85 is built with the experience Suzuki got from the off-road racing and incorporates a lot of technology derived from the bigger bikes.

This two-stroke bike is punchy and may seem a bit intimidating at first, but it has been engineered to provide youngsters with performance tailored to their physique and skills. Designed to perform, the RM85 is equipped with Showa suspensions, and an inverted fork, has top-spec chassis construction and is technically ready to race from the crate.

2013 Suzuki RM85L[edit | edit source]

The bigger the wheels, the easier obstacles are tackled. Suzuki knows this truth of the off-road bike world very well, and delivers the 2013 MY RM85L, a bike equipped with bigger wheels for better terrainability. The L suffix stands for these very larger wheels, and is a great way to allow the RM85 to accommodate taller young riders.

The bigger wheels are the only thing that's changed from the base RM85 model, so even though the bike may seem a bit bigger, you're still looking at a 84.7cc liquid-cooled two-stroke carbureted single, with a 6-speed gearbox and adjustable Showa suspensions.

2013 Suzuki RM85[edit | edit source]

The 2013 MY RM85 is waiting for you to uncrate it and hit the dirt. This miniature racer has been developed with technology derived from the big competition machine, and was tailored for perfect compliance with the needs and skills of young riders. With smoothly-delivered punch and strong mid-range grunt, the RM85 is also built like a tank around a steel frame rolling on strong wheels and race-inspired suspensions.

This two-stroke liquid-cooled bike is fed through a Keihin carburetor and sports digital ignition for precise operation even at high revs. Cue a 6-speed transmission, adjustable Showa suspensions and strong brakes for unrivaled performance.

2015 Suzuki RM85[edit | edit source]

Young motocross champions start off early in their lives, and the 2015 MY RM85 is one of the best bikes to help your kid get acquainted to winning races. Derived from the bigger machines that dominate the dirt tracks, the RM85 offers manageable, scaled performance for the youngsters. Brawny, yet non-intimidating, this 2-stroke bike arrives with a 6-speed transmission, and is therefore addressing people who have gotten well past the absolute newbie status.

Strong suspensions, wheels and frame can really take a beating, so you should not be afraid for the bike when your kid starts enjoying airtime aboard it. The pegs are chromoly and engineered to endure.

2017 Suzuki RM85[edit | edit source]

2017 Suzuki RM85

The New RM85 continues to carry on the powerful tradition of racing excellence in the Suzuki motocross family. The reliable two-stroke engine produces smooth power at any rpm with an emphasis on low to mid-range performance. Just like its larger RM-Z cousins, the RM85 delivers class-leading handling for both experienced racers and rookie riders alike.

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