How to start a motorcycle

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  1. Activate key switch and make sure the kill switch (usually on right handlebar) is in the run position.
  2. Reach down and find the petcock, also called a fuel shutoff and turn it to the ON position (some also have a prime, which is good for starting a bike that has been sitting). Some bikes have automatic petcocks so this step is not necessary.
  3. Activate the motorcycle's choke.
  4. Make sure the kill switch of the motorcycle is set to RUN.
  5. Make sure the motorcycle gear shifter is in neutral.
  6. Squeeze the motorcycle clutch lever with your left hand all the way to the grip.
  7. Press the start button with your right thumb.
  8. Let the starter motor turn over until the engine fires before you release the start button.
  9. The motorcycle engine should be running at a fast idle.
  10. Over a period of a few minutes, gradually push the choke in as the motorcycle engine warms up.
  11. You have started the motorcycle and are ready to go!


  1. If the motorcycle engine fires and then immediately stalls, just press the start button again until it fires a second (or third) time.
  2. If engine does not start, recheck the kill switch and the fuel petcock.
  3. Modern motorcycles will stall if you attempt to put the bike in gear while the sidestand is down.

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