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[[Image:Bandit_1200.jpg|frame|right|GSF1200S (Bandit 1200, faired) publicity photo from [[Suzuki]].]] The '''Suzuki Bandit''' is a series of standard (sometimes called "sport-standard") street [[motorcycle]]s produced by [[Suzuki]].  The following different models of the bike have been manufactured: * GSF250 with 250[[cc]]* GSF400 with 400cc* GSF600N/GSF600S with 599cc (manufactured 1995-2004)* GSF650N/GSF650S with 656cc (manufactured 2005-on)* GSF1200/GSF1200S with 1157cc engine (manufactured 1996-on).  All engines are [[DOHC]] [[straight-4|inline four]] with 16 [[valves]]; 600, 650 and 1200 models employ SACS (Suzuki Advanced Cooling System) cooling that is combined [[Engine cooling|air-cooled]] and [[Motorcycle engine#Cooling: Water or Air|oil-cooled]]. The 250 and 400cc models are [[Watercooling|water-cooled]].  The 'S' models come with a factory half-fairing, and starting from model year 2001, a dual-bulb headlight. The base model 'N' is an unfaired "naked" bike with a single headlight.  The Bandit series has traditionally had a reputation as a [[hooligan]] bike, due to its budget price, [[Naked bike#"Muscle" bikes|muscle bike]] looks, and sheer [[torque]] (This mostly applies to the 1200 models). With more recent revisions, however, the bike has taken on a more streamlined and modern feel, taking it more towards [[Types of motorcycle#Touring: Sport-Tourers|sports tourer]] territory []. Despite this, the 1200 remains popular with [[stunt]] riders, and is a bike of choice for various [[wheelie]] schools []. ==Bandit 600=====1995===The naked GSF600 N Bandit was released in February, available in red and green. It was based on the styling of the pre-existing GSF400 Bandit, with a retuned engine from the [[Suzuki GSX600F|GSX600]]. ===1996===The faired Bandit S model was introduced, where the bikini half-fairing had its debut. Available colours were red, green and teal green. ===1997===Minor changes: A clutch switch (requiring the clutch to be pulled in when starting the category motorcycle, for safety reasons) and carburettor heaters. Colours were red, green and black. ===1998===The N model had passenger grab rails added. However, the S model had no changes. Both were available in blue, black and orange. ===1999===Debut of a near rear shock absorber, providing rebound as well as preload adjustment. Colours were blue, back and red. ===2000===The first major changes were made this year.  * New rear bodywork.* Fully electronic instrumentation.* New carburettors with throttle position sensor.* Additional fuel filter.* Tokico brake calipers.* 20 litre fuel tank (up from 19).* Improvements to frame and steering geometry.* Seat height lowered.* S model: New modern styled fairing, with twin headlights. Colours were blue, black and red. New rear bodywork, as well as fully electronic instrumentation was introduced. The S Bandit [[fairing]] changed to a more modern styling, with twin headlights.  ===2001===No significant changes. ===2005===More major changes made this year.* adjustable handlebars and seat height* larger 656cc engine (smoother power delivery)* redesigned half fairing* narrower frame* LCD digital display backlit by LED ==Bandit 1200=====1996===The first 1200 Bandit models were released in January 1996, featuring a retuned and enlarged version of the engine featured in the [[Suzuki GSX-R Series|GSX-R1100]]. Other differences from the 600 cc models included a fuel gauge, higher specification suspension and larger diameter front brake discs. Also the 1200 Bandit featured a hydraulic clutch. Colors were maroon, green and black. ===1997===No changes were made, and the colors available were maroon, black and blue. A version of the S Bandit with anti-lock braking was introduced for certain world markets. ===1998===No changes. Colors were maroon, black, green and silver. ===1999===No changes. Colors were maroon, black, green and additionally brown on the S model. ===2000===No changes. Colors were maroon, blue, black and green/gold. ===2001===The 1200 Bandits received a similar revamp to the one the 600 Bandits received the previous year: * New rear bodywork.* Fully electronic instrumentation.* New carburetors.* Additional fuel filter.* Tokico brake calipers (six pistons at the front).* 20 liter fuel tank (up from 19).* Improvements to frame and steering geometry.* Seat height lowered.* S model: New modern styled fairing, with twin headlights. Colors were blue, black, red and silver. ==External links==* [ Suzuki United Kingdom Bandit seriesOwners Group (SUKBOG)]* [ Suzuki Bandit Italian Owners Group (] [[Category:Suzuki motorcycles|Bandit]]

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