Yamaha Road Star Warrior: review, history, specs

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Yamaha Road Star Warrior
Production 2003 - 2010
Class Cruiser
Air-cooled, OHV, 8-valve, 48°, V-twin
Bore / Stroke 96.5mm x 96.5mm
Compression ratio 8.4:1
Torque 100.31 ft/lbs (136.0 Nm) @ 3750RPM
Spark Plug NGK DPR7EA-9 '02-04 , '02-07
Battery YUASA YT14B-4 '02-04 , '02-07
Transmission Gear box: 5-speed, manual, close-ratio

Final Drive: Belt

Clutch: Wet multi-disc, manual
Suspension Front: 41mm KYB inverted fork; 5.3-in travel
Rear: Single shock; adjustable preload and rebound damping, 4.3-in travel
Brakes Front: Dual hydraulic disc, 298mm
Rear: Hydraulic disc, 282mm
Front Tire 120/70-18 '02-07
120/70-17 '02-04
Rear Tire 180/55-17 '02-04
200/50-17 '02-07
Wheelbase 65.59 inches (1666 mm)
Length 93.9 inches (2385 mm)
Width 36.81 inches (935 mm)
Seat Height 28.7 inches (729 mm)
Weight 294.0 kg (wet)
Recommended Oil Yamalube 10w-40
Fuel Capacity 3.0 gallon main tank and 0.8 gallon sub-tank
Manuals Service Manual

The Yamaha Road Star Warrior was a Air-cooled, OHV, 8-valve, 48°, V-twin Cruiser motorcycle produced by Yamaha between 2003 and 2010. Max torque was 100.31 ft/lbs (136.0 Nm) @ 3750 RPM.

Engine[edit | edit source]

A 96.5mm bore x 96.5mm stroke result in a displacement of just 1670.0 cubic centimeters.

Drive[edit | edit source]

The bike has a 5-speed, manual, close-ratio transmission. Power was moderated via the Wet multi-disc, manual.

Chassis[edit | edit source]

It came with a 120/70-ZR18 Radial front tire and a 200/50-ZR17 Radial rear tire. Stopping was achieved via Dual hydraulic disc, 298mm in the front and a Hydraulic disc, 282mm in the rear. The front suspension was a 41mm KYB inverted fork; 5.3-in travel while the rear was equipped with a Single shock; adjustable preload and rebound damping, 4.3-in travel. The Road Star Warrior was fitted with a 3.0 gallon main tank and 0.8 gallon sub-tank that housed the fuel filter and pump. The wheelbase was 65.59 inches (1666 mm) long.

2003 Yamaha Road Star Warrior[edit | edit source]

2003 Yamaha Road Star Warrior

Yamaha could hardly find a better name for the 2002 Road Star Warrior, as this machine epitomizes street aggression, combined with classic design cues in a modern interpretation. Low and mean, this dragster comes with new, cast wheels and sporty tires, a huge 2-in-1 exhaust which looks like it was borrowed from the superbike series, and tons of attitude.

If big-bore dragsters are your thing, then this air-cooled 1670cc beast will surely put a big, wide smile on your face.

2004 Yamaha Road Star Warrior[edit | edit source]

2004 Yamaha Road Star Warrior

The name of the 2003 Road Star Warrior is not deceiving the looks and the feeling. If you've been looking for a really evil v-twin cruiser, here's more than you bargained for, a bike with a huge amount of dragster DNA in its every cell. Low, mean and boasting looks that could kill, the Road Star Warrior proudly rolls with cast wheels, a skinny front tire and an even skinnier front fender, a beefy exhaust which looks like a superbike one, ample bars and a tank line blending into the lines of the seat.

2005 Yamaha Road Star Warrior[edit | edit source]

The 2004 Road Star Warrior inspires at least a very deep respect, if not even fear. Compact yet massive and being a presence impossible to miss on the road, as well as in the parking lot, this machine is not designed for the meek. It packs all the nerve Yamaha's 1670cc v-twin engine can harness, while the overall styling is as mean as it gets. A roadster riding position, aggressive sport bike-styled 3-spoke cast wheels and a menacing black livery are all in place to make a strong impression.

With R1-derived suspensions for the aluminum frame, the 2004 Road Star Warrior mixes the custom cruiser DNA with genes from sport bikes, for a truly spectacular result.

2006 Yamaha Road Star Warrior[edit | edit source]

The 2005 Road Star Warrior develops new ways to define the concept of "evil, menacing bike", and carries on the acclaimed roadster heritage. With a solid dose of sport bike DNA added to the dragster-ish cruiser mix, the new Warrior packs steel braided lines, chunky 5-spoke cast wheels, a low and aggressive seat, a true sportsbike exhaust and plenty of mean styling.

Impeccable Star finish and craftsmanship is also on the menu, and high-performance Kayaba forks come with a 38-degree rake for even more road terror factor. And with an 1670cc v-twin under the seat, you'll feel like a real warrior.

2007 Yamaha Road Star Warrior[edit | edit source]

Cruiser looks with rich chrome elements and superbike-class performance is definitely one thing you don't run into everyday. That is, unless you actually own a bike like the 2006 Road Star Warrior. A hotrodded cruiser down to the last nut and bolt, this Warrior packs a 1670cc displacement with torque on tap and plenty of passing power in almost any scenario.

The forward controls and the low, sculpted seat offer an aggressive riding position, while the elongated teardrop fuel tank and bullet-style headlight look like a natural compliment for the sporty upside down forks. Add in cast wheels, a beefy, superbike-like silencer and top-notch radial brakes for a bike which looks sharp and which will take your breath away at the first twist of the throttle.

2008 Yamaha Road Star Warrior[edit | edit source]

High-performance cruisers are an unique breed of bikes, and the 2008 MY Yamaha Road Star Warrior is showing the world how it's done. The spirit of a superbike in the body of a roadster, the Road Star Warrior is a bike you either love or hate. It packs a merciless 1670cc air-cooled v-twin with looks to match, a low seat, ample bars, and an aggressive dragster profile to avoid mistaking this machine for something else.

And just like the MT-01, the Road Star Warrior comes with superbike-derived suspensions and brakes, to put the rider in full control of the tweaked transmission beast. Radial calipers, chunky forks, lightweight cast wheels, and an aluminum frame are all in place for a ride you won't forget.

2009 Yamaha Road Star Warrior[edit | edit source]

The 2009 MY Road Star Warrior is a great choice for those who loved the MT-01 but who are looking for a bit more cruiser DNA for their dream ride. The Warrior stays true to the philosophy which led to some of the most spectacular muscle bikes around: mix sportbike-derived technologies and a brawny cruiser engine, then try to hold on to the bars.

The 2009 Warrior brings forth sporty cast wheels, upside down forks, radial calipers, and a massive 2-into-1 back the aggressive riding stance and the merciless asphalt-scorching torque the 1670cc injected v-twin delivers right off idle.

2010 Yamaha Road Star Warrior[edit | edit source]

Sporting only minor revisions over the previous version, the 2010 MY Road Star Warrior retains the same amazing character of a street brawler born from a sport bike and a power cruiser. Powered by the proven injected 1670cc air-cooled v-twin and boasting a sport bike-derived frame, the Road Star Warrior is equipped with brakes inspired by the might YZF-R1 superbike, and this spells impeccable performance and a reassuring feel.

The exhaust remains the chunky 2-into-1 sport bike unit which adds even more throaty rumble to the tonal presence of this intriguing bike.

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