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Manufacturer BMW
Competition BMW R65
Honda CB650
Honda CX500
Kawasaki KZ650B
Suzuki GS550
Yamaha XS650
Yamaha SR500
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BMW extended its range of horizontally opposed twins in the late 1970s with the introduction of the R45 and R65. Looking very much like scaled down versions of BMW's larger models, the duo, which shared identical cycle parts, featured sharper, more modern styling while both weight and overall dimensions were reduced. 'A little under 900 miles on an R65 simply failed to convince me that this is anything other than an excellent all-round working bike regrettably priced out of reach of your working man,' declared Bike magazine's tester back in 1982. 'The R65 really is an amazing all-rounder. If you aren't obsessed with speed or economy it makes a very, very attractive proposition. There's 100mph performance, 57mpg if you're gentle and 41mpg if you're not... superlative brakes, a comfortable riding position, excellent tires, long travel suspension and handling that will get you out of trouble over and over again. Add shaft drive and relatively smooth power and you should be marketing a winner.'



1981 BMW R65LS