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|predecessor      =  
|predecessor      =  
|successor        =  
|successor        =  
|class            =  
|class            =[[Cruiser]]
|engine          = 1450cc
|engine          = 1450cc
|bore_stroke      =  
|bore_stroke      =  

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Harley-Davidson FLSTCI
Production 04
Class [[:Category:Cruiser motorcycles|Cruiser]] [[Category:Cruiser motorcycles]]
Spark Plug DCPR7E '04
Battery YTX20L-BS '04
Front Tire MT90-16 '04
Rear Tire MT90-16 '04
Manuals Service Manual

The Harley-Davidson FLSTCI is a motorcycle produced by Harley-Davidson in 2004.

The Harley-Davidson FLSTCI is a cruiser motorcycle more commonly known as the Heritage Softail Classic.

2004 Harley Davidson FLSTCI Heritage Softail Classic