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The Knucklehead was one of Harley-Davidsons most successful engine designs. It was in production from 1936 to 1947 when it was finally replaced by the Panhead. This example was produced during World War II and therefore has very little chrome or accessories.

Specs[edit | edit source]

  • Engine Type V-Twin
  • Cylinders Two
  • Displacement 74 cubic inches
  • Bore & Stroke 3.4"x3.9"
  • Carburetor Linkert
  • Ignition Battery & Coil
  • Transmission 4-speed
  • Forks H-D Springer
  • Brakes Drum, front & rear
  • Tire Size F 5.00x16,-R 5.00x16
  • Manufacturer Harley-Davidson

1941[edit | edit source]

1946[edit | edit source]

1946 Harley Davidson FL

1947[edit | edit source]

1947 Harley Davidson FL

1948[edit | edit source]

1948 Harley-Davidson FL in Blue
1948 Harley-Davidson FL in Blue

1949[edit | edit source]

1949 Harley Davidson FL HydraGlide

1951[edit | edit source]

1951 Harley Davidson FL

1952[edit | edit source]

1952 Harley Davidson FL