Buell RR1000

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The first RR1000 prototype was built by Erik Buell as a commission from the Vetter fairing company in 1984. Initially conceived as a one-off project bike, it came to the attention of the Harley factory's race shop, which was searching for the means of updating the venerable early 1970s chassis of its Battle of the Twins road-racer. Buell converted the bike into a road-racer, and then developed it back into street form for series-production launch at the start of 1987.

Street sportbikes using a modified Road Warrior chassis and a Harley-Davidson XR1000 engine. Further variations on this include the RR1200 BattleTwin (1988–1990), the RS1200 WestWind (1989), the RS1200S WestWind (1990–1992) and the RSS1200 WestWind(1991).[1]

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