Yamaha TT-R250

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'Yamaha TT-R250'
Production 1993 - 2006
Class [[:Category:Enduro motorcycles|Enduro]] [[Category:Enduro motorcycles]]
air-cooled, 4-valve, DOHC, 4-stroke single
Bore / Stroke 73.7mm x 73.7mm
Compression ratio 10.2:1
Horsepower 28.03 HP (20.9 KW) @ 8500RPM
Torque 14.75 ft/lbs (20.0 Nm) @ 6500RPM
Spark Plug NGK CR9E, NGK CR9EIX (premium plug)
Transmission Gear box: 6 Speed, manual

Final Drive: Chain

Clutch: Wet multi-disc, manual
Final Drive Chain: 520x110 ‘99-06[1]
Front Sprocket 13T ‘99-06[1]
Rear Sprocket 52T ‘99-06[1]
Suspension Front: Telescopic 43mm fork
Rear: Adjustable link monocross
Brakes Front: 245mm disc
Rear: 220mm disc
Front Tire 80/100-21
Rear Tire 100/100-18
Wheelbase 55.31 inches (1405 mm)
Length 82.52 inches (2096 mm)
Width 32.91 inches (836 mm)
Seat Height 35.98 inches (914 mm)
Weight 113.0 kg (wet)
Recommended Oil Yamalube 10w-40
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The Yamaha TT-R250 was a air-cooled, 4-valve, DOHC, 4-stroke single Enduro motorcycle produced by Yamaha between 1993 and 2006. Max torque was 14.75 ft/lbs (20.0 Nm) @ 6500 RPM. Claimed horsepower was 28.03 HP (20.9 KW) @ 8500 RPM.


A 73.7mm bore x 73.7mm stroke result in a displacement of just 249.0 cubic centimeters.


The bike has a 6 Speed, manual transmission. Power was moderated via the Wet multi-disc, manual.


It came with a 80/100-21 front tire and a 100/100-18 rear tire. Stopping was achieved via 245mm disc in the front and a 220mm disc in the rear. The front suspension was a Telescopic 43mm fork while the rear was equipped with a Adjustable link monocross. The wheelbase was 55.31 inches (1405 mm) long.

1993 Yamaha TT-R250

1993 - 1999 Yamaha TT-R250

The 1993 Yamaha TT_R250 is a great bike to learn on and get practice with, it's not to powerful and the handling is perfect, i highly recommend this motorbike if your looking to do enduro/trail riding

1994 Yamaha TT-R250 RAID

1994 - 1997 Yamaha TT-R250 RAID 1994 - 1997 Yamaha TT-R250 RAID

The Yamaha TT- R 250 Raid is a great bike to learn on and get practice with, it's not to powerful and the handling is perfect. The Yamaha TT- R 250`s DOHC motor claims just 19 hp (14 Kw), but you can eke a little more out of it by removing the restrictor in the header pipe and trimming the snorkel in the air box. As it is the plucky Yamaha TT-R 250 is about as friendly as they come and it’s as dependable as daylight. There’s also a screw by the throttle linkage under the tank that limits throttle turn.

2001 Yamaha TT-R 250

2001 Yamaha TT-R 250 2001 Yamaha TT-R 250

2003 Yamaha TT-R250

2003 Yamaha TT-R250

The 2002 Yamaha TT-R250 spells versatility for new and old riders alike, as it comes with a very friendly architecture and enhanced ergonomics, providing a great off-road platform for teenagers and adults alike.

With a brawny 249cc engine and a manual 6-speed transmission, the 2002 TT-R250 is a truly amazing lightweight machine for both track and trail use. Despite the firm power deployment of the bike, it still feels reassuring, most likely because of its low seat and wide bars which make steering feel light and precise, on no matter what kind of surface.

2004 Yamaha TT-R250

2004 Yamaha TT-R250

The 2003 TT-R250 is a fun, versatile bike which can be ridden even by less experienced riders: it packs plenty of trail-worthy punch in its 4-stroke engine, but with a predictable, smooth power deployment, riding it will feel reassuring. Add in a heavy-duty manual clutch actuating a 6-speed transmission which can provide just the right amount of brawn for any riding scenario and the easy-to-use, convenient electric start for even more fun. Light and built like a tank, the TT-R250 can really take some beating and still run great.

2006 Yamaha TT-R250

2006 Yamaha TT-R250

Say farewell to childhood, it's time to throw a leg on real bikes for real action. The 2005 TT-R250 spells punch-packed fun and a whole new level of performance. For casual rides past the asphalt limit and hard core trail struggles, this bike has everything you might need: a lightweight profile and exceptionally rugged construction, electric starting, a smooth 6-speed transmission with a heavy-duty clutch and sharp handling.

Add in full suspension adjustability, top-notch brakes and many works-derived features for a sizzling experience in the dirt.


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