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Manufacturer BMW
Production 94-01
Sparkplug DR7EA '94-01
Battery 51913 '94-01
Front Tire 120/70-17 '94-01
Rear Tire 160/60-18 '94-01
Manuals Service Manual
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1994 BMW R1100RS

BMW created its first horizontal opposed twin engine in 1920 and first offered it in a production model with the R32 of 1923. In the seventy years since, BMW has stood staunchly behind this style of engine layout The opposed design offers buttery smooth performance as the engine has inherently good balance. But by the late 1980s, BMW's line of R models had fallen far behind the times. Something new was needed. Enter the revised Boxer engine for the 1990s.

The Modern Boxer

BMW first began work on its new Boxer in early 1986. With typical Teutonic thoroughness, the firm's engineers revised and retested every component until they had it right. When the new R1100S was first shown to the BMW faithful, the company knew it had hit the mark with a bull's eye. Here was a reworked version of the venerable Boxer with a full 1100cc, fuel injection, four valves per cylinder and air and oil-cooling,

ABS II and Telelever Front Forks

The Rl100RS was the first motorcycle to offer the second generation of anti-lock braking systems. The new fork design, called the Telelever, offered an innovative monoshock front swing arm design. Suddenly BMW was challenging the likes of Bimota's Tesi and Yamaha's GTS1000 RADD with radical front end technology. The new generation of BMW motorcycles had arrived. And it was well worth the long wait.