Suzuki SP370

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Suzuki SP370
Manufacturer Suzuki
Production 78-79
Engine 370cc
Sparkplug D8EA '78-79
Battery 6N4B-2A '78-79
Front Tire 3.00-21 '78-79
Rear Tire 4.00-18 '78-79
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The Suzuki SP370 is a motorcycle produced by Suzuki from 1978 to 1979. The Suzuki SP370 was the first Suzuki motorcycle with a single cylinder four-stroke engine, if you don't count the short-lived Colleda CO and COX models from the fifties. Unfortunately it had a bit too weak engine and it was a bit too expensive to become a great success. Yamaha, for example, could offer a 500cc trail bike for the same money as you had to pay for the SP370. It was made in the US from 1978-1979. Suzuki produced an enduro oriented variant in the Suzuki DR370

Colors: Red, Silver. Initial frame number: SP370-100001.

1978 SP370C

1978 Suzuki SP370C
1978 SP370 red right side
1978 SP370 red left side
1978 SP370 silver left side

  • FRAME #: SP370-100001
  • ENGINE #: SP370-100001
  • ENGINE TYPE: ... 370cc Four-stroke
  • MODEL CODE: ... 324
  • COLOR: Red
  • Leading axle forks
  • White and silver Suzuki decal
  • Fenders primary color

1979 SP370N

1979 Suzuki SP370N

  • FRAME #: SP370-109645
  • ENGINE #: SP370-109448
  • ENGINE TYPE: ... 370cc Four-stroke
  • MODEL CODE: ... 324
  • COLOR: Maroon
  • Leading axle forks
  • Silver Suzuki decal
  • Fenders primary color

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