Kawasaki KZ1000R

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Kawasaki KZ1000R
Also called Replica, Eddie Lawson Replica
Production 78-83
Class Standard
Top Speed 134 mph
Spark Plug NGK B8ES 78-80 , '82-83
Battery YUASA YB14L-A2 78-80
YUASA YB18L-A '82-83
Final Drive Chain: 630x90
Front Sprocket 15T
Rear Sprocket 41T
Front Tire 78-80
100/90-19 '82-83
Rear Tire 120/90-18 '82-83
4.00-18 78-80
Oil Filter K&N KN-401[1]
Recommended Oil K-tech 10W-40
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Manuals Kawasaki KZ1000R Service Manual
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The Kawasaki KZ1000R is a motorcycle produced by Kawasaki from 1978 to 1983.

Limited production replica version of the championship-winning Superbike ridden by Eddie Lawson. It is based on the KZ1000J. Special equipment includes gold painted allow wheels, Kerker exhaust, reservoir shocks, cut down seat, air adjustable forks, oil cooler, and drilled disk brakes. The ELR (Eddie Lawson Replica) is a very desirable model, sought after by collectors. There was also an even rarer version refered to as the S1 of which only 29 were ever produced.

1982 KZ1000-R1[edit]

1982 Kawasaki KZ1000-R1
1982 Kawasaki KZ1000R Eddie Lawson Replica

  • 5-Speed, Return Shift
  • Color
  • Fuel Tank: Lime Green
  • Front Fender: Lime Green
  • Engine No: KZTOWE031001-
  • Frame No: KZT00R-000001-
  • (C)(U) JKAKZCR1 CA000001 -
  • Parts Catalogue No: 99970-1317-01
  • (C)(U) 99961-0135 (Micro)
  • Service Manual No: Same as KZ1000-J2
  • Owner's Manual No: 99922-1202-01
  • (C)(U) 99920-1174-01
  • Remarks: Upgraded KZ1000J. Mini-fairing, 4 into 1 muffler, oil cooler, rear shock absorbers with reservoir.

1983 KZ1000-R2[edit]

  • Color
  • Fuel Tank: Lime Green, Polar White
  • Front Fender: Same as Fuel Tank
  • Engine No: KZT00JEO39301 -
  • Frame No: KZT00R-001101--
  • (C)(U) JKAKZCR1 DA001101 -
  • Parts Catalogue No: Same as KZ1000-R1
  • Service Manual No: Same as KZ1000-J2
  • Owner's Manual No: 99922-1273-02
  • (C)(U) 99920-1220-01
  • Changes: Color and graphic. Horsepower up, front fork oil capacity and level, drive chain links. Except US and Canadian model is 4 into 2 mufflers.

About 1,200 were produced in green.


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