Kawasaki KZ1300A: review, history, specs

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'Kawasaki Z1300'
Also called Z1300, Z 130, Z1300 DFI, Z1300 DFI, Z 1300 DFI, Z 1300
Production 1978 - 1983
Class [[:Category:Superbike motorcycles|Superbike]] [[Category:Superbike motorcycles]]
in-line six, four-stroke
Bore / Stroke 62.0mm x 71.0mm
Compression ratio 9.9:1
Top Speed 129 mph (208 km/h)
Horsepower 127.26 HP (94.9 KW) @ 8000RPM
Torque 86.3 ft/lbs (117.0 Nm) @ 6500RPM
Fuel System 3x32mm Mikuni
Spark Plug NGK BP6ES '79-82
Battery YUASA Y50-N18L-A '79-82
Transmission Gear box: 5-speed

Final Drive: shaft drive (cardan)

Clutch: Wet, multi disc
Final Drive Shaft
Suspension Front: Telescopic forks
Rear: Dual shocks preload adjustable
Brakes Front: dual disc
Rear: single disc
Front Tire 100/90-18
Rear Tire 130/90-17
Weight 324.0 kg (wet)
Oil Filter K&N KN-126[1]
Fuel Capacity 7.13 Gallon (27.00 Liters)
Related Honda CBX
Manuals Service Manual

The Kawasaki Z1300 DFI was a in-line six, four-stroke Naked motorcycle produced by Kawasaki between 1978 and 1989. It could reach a top speed of 129 mph (208 km/h). Max torque was 86.3 ft/lbs (117.0 Nm) @ 6500 RPM. Claimed horsepower was 127.26 HP (94.9 KW) @ 8000 RPM.

Kawasaki KZ1300

Kawasaki KZ1300A

At the end of the Seventies, Kawasaki was riding high. Several of its models had proved a fantastic success, from the 900cc Z1 to its three-cylinder two-strokes ranging from the 250cc S1 to 750cc H2. The marque had carved itself a solid sporting image, crowned in 1978 by the 250 and 350cc world championships. More crowded than ever, that year the range consisted of no Fewer than 16 models -including three 1000cc machines! The time could not have been better to make a grand gesture, and Kawasaki seized the moment by launching its flagship KZ1300 at the Cologne Show in 1978. Deisgned to be the successor to the 900cc Z1, the KZ1300 took the concept of motorcycle size beyond previous boundaries and while it seemed almost excessive, it was ahead of its time.

Run of Bad Luck

But its luck ran out. Kawasaki, who had been beaten to the draw by Honda with the launch in 1969 of the first Japanese 750cc four cylinder, suffered the same mischance in 1978, when the Honda CBX1000 six-cylinder appeared at the beginning of the year, leaving Kawasaki holding only the honor of making the largest-capacity machine in that period of burgeoning technology.

Over the Top

Even so, Kawasaki could justifiably be proud of having made the most impressive two wheeler, though it proved a bit over the top for Europe, which only gave a half-hearted welcome to this very efficient(in terms of sheer performance) six-cylinder, which seemed too heavy and insufficiently sporting. In America, too, early enthusiasm faded away and the KZ1300 failed to make its mark, for the US market seems indissolubly wedded to the big V-twin. The Z1300 was produced until 1989, where it had gained among other improvements, digital fuel injection and a second 200 watt alternator. Don Vesco's World Speed record streamliner was propelled by two turbo charged KZ1300 motors.


The engine was a liquid cooled in-line six, four-stroke. A 62.0mm bore x 71.0mm stroke result in a displacement of just 1285.0 cubic centimeters. Fuel was supplied via a double overhead cams/twin cam (dohc).


The bike has a 5-speed transmission. Power was moderated via the Wet, multi disc.


It came with a 100/90-18 front tire and a 130/90-17 rear tire. Stopping was achieved via dual disc in the front and a single disc in the rear. The front suspension was a Telescopic forks while the rear was equipped with a Dual shocks preload adjustable. The Z1300 DFI was fitted with a 7.13 Gallon (27.00 Liters) fuel tank.

1978 - 1983 Kawasaki Z 1300

Equipped with a liquid cooled, four stroke engine, the Z1300, the 1978 model, is a Kawasaki motorcycle which could run with a top speed of 139 mp/h. Moreover, the bike has a consumption average of 36 mp/g.


1979 Kawasaki KZ1300-A1
1979 Kawasaki KZ1300

  • 1,300 cc
  • 6 cylinder, watercooled, 1300 cc engine. Front dual disc & rear disc brakes, shaft drive, cast wheels.
  • Four-stroke, 6 Cylinder
  • Dual Over Head Camshaft,
  • Water-Cooled
  • 5-Speed, Return Shift
  • Max. Horsepower:
  • 120 HP @ 8,000 rpm
  • Spark Plug: NGK BP6ES,
  • or ND W20EP-U
  • (Europe)(Canada) NGK BPR6ES,
  • or ND W20EPR-U
  • Tire Size
  • Front: 110/90V-18 4PR,
    • (US) MN90-18
  • Rear: 130/90V-17 6PR,
    • (US) MT90-17
  • Color
  • Fuel Tank: Luminous Starlight Blue
  • Front Fender: Same as Fuel Tank
  • Engine No.: KZT30AE000101-
  • Frame No,: KZT30A-000101-
  • Parts Catalogue No.: (Europe) 99910-1036-03
    • (US) 99910-1032-03, (West Germany) 99910-1046-03
  • SenriceManualNo.: 99924-101503
  • Owner's Manual No.: (US) 99920-1059-02,
    • (Europe)(West Germany) 99922-1039-02, (France)99923-1022-01


1980 Kawasaki KZ1300-A2

  • Color
  • Fuel Tank: Luminous Ruby Red (except(L)), Luminous Starlight Blue
  • Front Fender: Same as Fuel Tank
  • Engine No.: KZT30AE005801 -
  • Frame No.: KZT30A-006201-
  • Parts Catalogue No.: Same as A1
  • Service Manual No.: 99924-1015-03
  • Owner's Manual No.: (US) 99920-1059-04, (Europe)(West Germany) 99922-1039-03, (France) 99923-1029-01
  • Major Changes: Color.


1981 Kawasaki KZ1300-A3

  • Max. Horsepower:
  • 120 HP 8 8,000 rpm
    • (W) 99 HP 8 8,000 rpm
  • Color
  • Fuel Tank: Luminous Holly Green (except (L)),
  • Ebony
  • Front Fender: Same as Fuel Tank
  • Engine No.: KZT30AE012401-
  • Frame No.: JKAKZAA15BA011501--
  • Parts Catalogue No.: Same as A1
  • Service Manual No.: 99924-1015-03
  • Owner's Manual No.: (Europe)(West Germany) 99922-1088-01 (US) 99920-1098-01,
  • Major Changes: Adjustable air rear shock absorber, transistorized ignition system with electric advancer.


1982 Kawasaki KZ1300-A4

  • 1286 mL
  • Four-stroke, 6 Cylinder, Dual Over Head Camshaft
  • 5-Speed, Return Shift
  • Color
  • Fuel Tank: Luminous Passion Red, Ebony
  • Front Fender: Same as Fuel Tank
  • Engine No: KZT30AE014801 -
  • Frame No: KZT30A-014101 -
    • (Canada)(US) JKAKZAA1()CA014101 -
  • Parts Catalogue No: 99910-1273-02
  • Service Manual No: 99924-1015-05
  • Owner's Manual No: 99922-1149-01
    • (Canada)(US) 99920-1138-01
  • Remarks: 6 cylinder, liquid-cooled engine, shaft drive, cast wheels, front and rear disc brakes.


1983 Kawasaki KZ1300-A5

  • Color
  • Fuel Tank: Luminous Passion Red, Ebony
  • Front Fender: Same as Fuel Tank
  • Engine No: KZT30AE016401 -
  • Frame No: KZ630A-015901-
  • Parts Catalogue No: Same as Z(KZ)1300-A4
  • Service Manual No: Same as Z(KZ) 1300-A4
  • Owner's Manual No: 99922-1203-01
  • Changes: Graphic

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