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Triumph Sprint ST
Also called Sprint ST ABS
Production 1999 - 2011
Class Sport touring
4-stroke liquid-cooled, 12 valve, DOHC, in-line 3-cylinder
Bore / Stroke 78.7mm x 78.7mm
Compression ratio 12:1
Top Speed 143 mph (230 km/h)
Horsepower 122.97 HP (91.7 KW) @ 9100RPM
Torque 75.97 ft/lbs (103.0 Nm) @ 7500RPM
Fuel System Multipoint sequential electronic fuel injection with SAI (except NZ, ZA, AU)
Ignition digital - inductive type - via electronic engine managment system
Spark Plug NGK DPR8EA-9 '03-04 , '05-07
Battery YUASA YTX12-BS '03-04
Transmission Gear box: 6-speed

Final Drive: X ring chain

Clutch: wet, multiplate
Final Drive Chain: 530 `99-04[1]
Suspension Front: Showa 43mm cartridge forks with dual rate springs and adjustable preload 127mm travel
Rear: Showa monoshock with adjustable preload and rebound damping, 119mm rear wheel travel
Brakes Front: Twin 320mm floating discs, Nissin 4-piston calipers (ABS model available)
Rear: Single 255mm disc, Nissin 2-piston sliding caliper (ABS model available)
Front Tire 120/70 ZR 17
Rear Tire 180/55 ZR 17
Wheelbase 57.4 inches (1458 mm)
Length 83.19 inches (2113 mm)
Width 29.49 inches (749 mm)
Height 47.83 inches (1215 mm)
Seat Height 31.69 inches (805 mm)
Weight 462.97 pounds (210.0 Kg) (dry), 241.0 kg (wet)
Oil Capacity 0.92 Gallon (3.50 Liters)
Fuel Capacity 5.28 Gallon (20.00 Liters)
Fuel Consumption 0.68 liters/100 km (147.1 km/l or 345.91 mpg)
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Manuals Service Manual

The Triumph Sprint ST was a 4-stroke liquid-cooled, 12 valve, DOHC, in-line 3-cylinder Sport touring motorcycle produced by Triumph between 1999 and 2011. It could reach a top speed of 143 mph (230 km/h). Max torque was 75.97 ft/lbs (103.0 Nm) @ 7500 RPM. Claimed horsepower was 122.97 HP (91.7 KW) @ 9100 RPM.

The 2001 Sprint ST shares the engine which moves the same model year Sprint RS and the Speed Triple, and this means plenty of power and torque even from the mid-range rpm. This machine is a sport-tourer par excellence, but with its sidecases coming off in seconds, it can be used as a daily commuter, too.


The engine was a liquid cooled 4-stroke liquid-cooled, 12 valve, DOHC, in-line 3-cylinder. A 78.7mm bore x 78.7mm stroke result in a displacement of just 1050.0 cubic centimeters. Fuel was supplied via a double overhead cams/twin cam (dohc).


The bike has a 6-speed transmission. Power was moderated via the wet, multiplate.


It came with a 120/70 ZR 17 front tire and a 180/55 ZR 17 rear tire. Stopping was achieved via Twin 320mm floating discs, Nissin 4-piston calipers (ABS model available) in the front and a Single 255mm disc, Nissin 2-piston sliding caliper (ABS model available) in the rear. The front suspension was a Showa 43mm cartridge forks with dual rate springs and adjustable preload 127mm travel while the rear was equipped with a Showa monoshock with adjustable preload and rebound damping, 119mm rear wheel travel. The Sprint ST was fitted with a 5.28 Gallon (20.00 Liters) fuel tank. The bike weighed just 462.97 pounds (210.0 Kg). The wheelbase was 57.4 inches (1458 mm) long.

The Triumph Sprint ST is a motorcycle produced by Triumph from 2003 to 2007.


1999 Triumph Sprint ST

2000 Triumph Sprint ST[edit]

When track-inspired behavior must be blended with road worthiness, bikes like the 1999 Sprint ST are being born. Triumph understood the desires of those customers who have been looking for a bike with great track efficiency and which could still be ridden on a daily basis.

The Sprint ST delivers the sharp steering and excellent mid-turn nerve, AND the refined ergonomics which make an 8-hour trip less of an ordeal. 1999 also brings a new ECU for better midrange power, revised lift and timing, and a new Sapphire Blue livery.

2001 Triumph Sprint ST[edit]

The Sprint ST is a sport bike with touring-oriented ergonomics and this brings better comfort to the game. The triple engine is the same one powering the same model year Sprint RS and the Speed Triple, and offers excellent brawn for pretty much any scenario.

From city errands to fast rides on winding countryside roads or high-speed highway hauls loaded with luggage and a pillion, the 2000 Sprint ST can do it all with flying colors.

2002 Triumph Sprint ST[edit]

With good weather protection and plenty of real estate for two, the 2001 Sprint ST is the perfect vacation machine. It will deliver the same performance even when fully loaded, and the mid-range torque revision adds even more fun.

2003 Triumph Sprint ST[edit]

A more touring-focused version of the RS moved, the 2002 Sprint ST packs together the nerve of a liter-class road bike and the comfort and usability a tourer needs. With revised ergonomics and responsive handling, the Sprint ST also comes with a two-position exhaust mount.

It can be lowered to accommodate larger sidecases and saddlebags, or fixed in the higher position to allow extra clearance for hard cornering. Touring accessories include color-matched sidecases, heated grips, a tall windscreen, and many more.

2004 Triumph Sprint ST[edit]

2004 Triumph Sprint ST 2004 Triumph Sprint ST 2004 Triumph Sprint ST 2004 Triumph Sprint ST

The 2003 Triumph Sprint ST brings true all-rounder character to the real world: a sport bike-natured machine, endowed with comfort-focused ergonomics and able to provide consistent riding pleasure even during long trips.

The liter-class 3-cylinder engine provides plenty of passing power, even when riding with a passenger and luggage. The exhaust has a 2-position design, with the lower one perfect for large side cases and the upper one allowing harder leaning through the turns, while riding more aggressively.

2005 Triumph Sprint ST[edit]

A sport-touring benchmark, the 2004 Triumph Sprint ST gets a 1050cc displacement, together with multiple chassis revisions, a redesigned swingarm, 5-spoke cast wheels, new instruments and underseat exhausts.

The bike blends in the in-you-face nature of a liter-class sports machine with the long-range comfort ergonomics and intuitive, precise handling. Compact and very nimble, the Sprint ST can also be a great choice for daily commuting and city errands, especially as the touring hardcases can be taken off in instants.

2006 Triumph Sprint ST[edit]

The 2005 Sprint ST blends in the proven sporty character of Triumph's liter class road bikes with the comfort and convenience of the touring machines. The result is a very nimble machine which can be used as a daily commuter, weekend getaway, or vacation vehicle, as well.

Powerful and predictable, with light handling at any speed and with a compact build, the 2005 Sprint ST is great for two-up riding with luggage: handling remains a top feature, while the abundance of passing power makes riding it extremely fun, twisties, lean countryside roads or on open highways.

2007 Triumph Sprint ST[edit]

Seeing a 2006 Sprint ST without its sidecases tells the sporty story of this bike. Watching it pass by, two-up and loaded with gear tells the other half: a bike made to eat miles by the hundred, a nimble and comfortable touring beast. Mixing the two results in a nifty machine which can be used for both daily commuting and canyon carving, on one hand, and for serious touring with a passenger and lots of luggage.

The new model year brings a new ECU, Euro3 compliance, higher bars and a higher windscreen for better rider comfort, a revised seat and redesigned side panels. Triumph's list of parts and accessories can add on both the aesthetic and the performance side, as you wish.

2008 Triumph Sprint ST[edit]

The 2007 Sprint ST is a great bike for those who are looking for all the passing power which comes with liter-class engines and the reassuring nerve associated with sporty engines and transmissions, but who would rather they traveled comfortable across long distances. So if sport-touring is the name of the game, the 2007 Triumph Sprint ST is showing you how it's played.

Powered by the brawny 1050cc mill of the Tiger, the Sprint ST brings in a different approach to motorcycle architecture, introducing a sporty, yet comfy riding position, ample bodywork to shield the rider form the elements, a generous seat for two and roomy, detachable hard cases for overnight trips or city errands.

2009 Triumph Sprint ST[edit]

A sporty bike by nature, the 2008 Triumph Sprint ST proudly shows off its DNA, with a single-sided swingarm, twin floating front rotors with 4-pot calipers, and a retuned version of the 1050cc triple-cylinder mill. A tourer by popular demand, this bike got a new chassis with excellent ergonomics and plenty of bodywork to shield the rider from the elements.

The bike comes standard with generous waterproof panniers, a fuel gauge, a big tank, trip computer and many more touring accessories are also available to make your ride more pleasant.

2010 Triumph Sprint ST[edit]

Want to know how does it feel to ride a sporty liter-class Triumph in all the comfort a touring bikes normally provides? Hop aboard the 2009 Sprint ST and choose your destination. You can opt in for a highway-only route and enjoy the effortless high-speed ride, or you can choose twisting roads through the mountains and be surprised how handling and power shake hands to put a big smile on your face turn after turn.

Add in color-matched sidecases for storage convenience, an aerodynamic design, ABS and enhanced seat ergonomics and a plethora of optional accessories for an even better time aboard this bike: a top case, power outlets, heated grips and many more.

2011 Triumph Sprint ST[edit]

The 2010 Sprint ST is Triumph's liter-class sport-touring machine, a bike dedicated to those who live for the high-paced rides and value the agility of sport motorcycles but who are equally seduced by the comfort tourers come with.

With a sporty riding stance but plush, generous seating, the 2010 Sprint ST also comes with great aerodynamics which mix rider protection and streamlined design for even more high-speed comfort.

Still a bike for the daily rides in town, the Sprint ST can be endowed with optional ABS, waterproof cases for longer-distance touring and multiple other touring-worthy accessories.

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