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|oil_capacity    =  
|oil_capacity    =  
|oil_filter      = K&N KN-401
|oil_filter      = K&N KN-401
|recommended_oil  =  
|recommended_oil  =Honda GN4 10W-40
|fuel_consumption =  
|fuel_consumption =  
|competition      =
|competition      =

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Honda CB500F
Class [[:Category:Naked Sportbike motorcycles|Naked Sportbike]] [[Category:Naked Sportbike motorcycles]]
Oil Filter K&N KN-401
Recommended Oil Honda GN4 10W-40
Related Honda CB500K
Manuals Service Manual

2013 Honda CB500F

based on the same platform as the CBR500R, the 2012 CB500F brings in the nifty semi-naked looks of middleweight streetfighters. Stripped down to the base essentials, the bike only retains miniature side panels, aimed at offering better weather protection for the rider.

The revised ergonomics and seat introduces a relaxed, upright riding position which also provides motorcyclists with enhanced control over the bars and allows them to flip the bike more easily. Add in the sporty character of the whole build and you've got the perfect mid-sized commuter.

2017 Honda CB500F

The new CB500F will be available with a 471cc DOHC engine– creating 47 HP (35 lb-ft). The naked CB500F sport bike gets a hard-edged makeover for 2017 with a more stripped down, muscular look; other upgrades include a larger fuel tank, LED lighting, spring preload adjustable front forks, new lightweight exhaust and adjustable brake lever.


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