Honda CB92

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Honda CB92
Manufacturer Honda
Also called Benly Super Sport
Production 1959-1963
Top speed 87 mph
Horse Power 15 hp @ 10,500 rpm
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Benly Super Sport 125 (CB92)


Honda CB92
1959 Honda CB92
1959 Honda CB92


Built between 1959 and 1963, the CB92 was a sporty 125cc machine notable for its performance and its level of standard equipment. The Honda CB92 Benly Super Sport 125 was sold from 1959 to 1962 and came in two available colors: Silver with Red (and a Black seat) or Silver with Blue (with a Red seat). The gas tank, side covers, and front fender were silver. The front forks, frame, and rear fender were red or blue. A small windshield was mounted to the square headlight. The early models had alloy gas tanks, fenders, and side covers. The engine was a 124cc OHC parallel twin linked to a 4-speed and fueled by a single carburetor. It turned 10,500 rpm and was licensed in California for freeway use at 16.5 bhp. Top speed was about 65 mph. The serial number began CB92-010001