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An important step forward in the development of BMW's long-running flat-twin occurred in 1936 with the introduction of the 494cc BMW R5. Prior to that the BMW engine had been recognisably related to the first of its type, the 1923 R32, and like those of its (494cc) predecessors, the R5's engine dimensions were 'square' at 68x68mm bore/stroke. However, the overhead-valve R5 engine broke new ground by adopting two chain-driven camshafts, a move that permitted shorter pushrods and higher revs. Maximum power increased to 24bhp at 5,800rpm while the top speed was an impressive 87mph. Factory records show that this particular R5 was delivered new to Hilscher in Breslau, Germany. The machine displays a total of 24,654 kilometres on the odometer.